Spend or Splurge: Fashion Accessories You Use Every Day

Whether you are buying shoes or eye cream, your pricing options have never spanned a bigger range. Not only do you have a generic version of just about every luxury product on the planet, from perfume to purses, you also have online stores vying for your credit card. What accessories do you spend the most on? The least? Here is what you need to know about the true cost of cutting corners when it comes to the accessories you use every day.

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Bags & Baubles

No one (may we repeat, no one) likes the feeling of a cheap handbag. Our purses are extensions of ourselves more than any other accessory. We carry our whole lives in them. So if your bag doesn’t feel and look good, it’s bound to affect your mood.

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That doesn’t mean you need to carry around an over-sized and over-priced handbag that serves as nothing more than a status symbol. Find a luxury handbag that’s the right size, has the organizational options you want and is a style that’s right for you. Be sure it’s well made. Then make the investment. These gorgeous satchels from Coach fit the bill. A good carryall will cost you a bit on the front end but you’ll have a quality, everyday sidekick for years to come. Nothing makes a worse impression than a “cute” bag that is falling apart.

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Cosmetics & Creams

It goes on your face, which means you want good quality. Cheap cosmetics cut corners which could leave you with unsightly skin maladies and a hefty dermatologist bill. However, many of us spend good money on makeup that will go bad before we can possibly use it all up, and that goes for more than just new moms who are too busy to put on mascara every day.

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Products like blush, concealer, foundation and powder have a long shelf life. Therefore, you can spend a little money on them, use them sparingly, and get the bang for your buck. Products like eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara have a three-month shelf life, tops. And if you keep using these products after they have expired (because they were so expensive and you can’t bear to trash them), then you are no better off than if you bought the cheap versions. More information on the shelf life of various cosmetics is detailed in Good Housekeeping.

Heels & Steals

Shoes are fun. They’re flirty, sexy and functional. Yes, they do need to be functional. Those sneakers with that woven texture and neon details are super stylish but do they give you enough support? Consider what you’ll use them for before you purchase: trail running in the mountains, spin class or just lounging around town?

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How about your high heels? Consider arch support, stability and cushioning. Your feet are everything, so take care of them at all costs. Yes, there are a million crazy-cute shoes out there for less than $30 a pair, but unlike a cheap little sundress or no-name jeans, shoes carry the weight of your outfit and more importantly, your health, more than any other article of clothing that you put on your body. You could be doing irreparable damage and not even realize it.

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Invest in insoles, cushions and anything else you can find to make the shoes you love kinder to your tootsies. Shape Magazine explains the blend of comfortable and stylish shoes. Keep your feet happy by finding a brand of shoes that fit comfortably. And never forget that a wedge with an ankle strap is universally flattering and easy to walk, dance and enjoy life in.