Spring Is Sprung

Spring is sprung. Perhaps you’ve heard. Groundhogs and winter bluesmen delight in the knowledge that sun sets a little later in the evening and there are more hours in the day to turn heads. Spring’s usual signs of arrival mean more skin and less bulky, monotonal clothing fit only for cave dwellers. Two Square steps front and center with some strong contenders for ringing in spring in style.

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V is for Vice and v-neck

A man of any humor can’t go wrong with a v-neck. Cut just right down the chest and sleeves high enough on the bicep, the Vice tee is 1 part masculine and 2 parts perfection. It’s everything an active man needs to get up and go. This cotton vee tee comes with a breast pocket and in charcoal. It pairs perfectly with jeans on those t-shirt and jeans days or under a jacket when out on the town with the lads.

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Kaboom! Looked Who Stepped in the Room

(to take a few lines from The Wu Tang Clan). If you’re rocking the Kaboom long sleeve sweatshirt, those will be exactly the same words on everyone’s lips, gaping in awe at you. The Kaboom shirt comes in light grey and features a breast pocket, a two-toned contrast panel with the upper torso in darker gray and lower torso in lighter gray. Sporty males will still look cool on the playing field or racking them up at the snooker table.

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Dope Fresh! ­­

What more can be said about a hoodie that knows it is so cool it’s “Dope”. Hip hop aficionados and lovers of striking fashion alike will look every bit the part of urban cool in this cobalt blue nylon hoodie. It zips right up to the chin to protect the jugular. And the waist stays tapered and buttons. So there’s no bulky flare out at the torso when sporting this number. The Dope hoodie cuts a svelte silhouette on anyone looking to bust a move.

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Get Low!

Yes another hip hop reference for the headbangers in the room. And Low is exactly what you should be getting. Two Square’s drawcord cotton pant comes in dark khaki and bronze and looks hot with a pair of Tims, trainers or casual shoes. The pant is so versatile, you could wear it to work on casual Friday, knock back a few with the buds at the pub, then squirrel up next to your favorite girl at the club that night. It’s rugged and refined in two breaths. And it’s comfortable enough not to restrict an active man and all his 2000 parts when on the go. Bag this one.

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No, Not John Grisham. But Two Square’s stunning Grisham reversible Gilet, playboy. This sleeveless number is ready for rocking: a navy side that gives off denim attitude, hidden pockets and button down facade and a light blue pattern on the reverse side that spells all sorts of swag. The weather will be warm enough to bust out the big guns on your arms and still nipply enough to hit the town in this super slick gilet. You can imagine wearing this virtually anywhere: camping in the woods with the buds, out on the town grabbing a burger and a movie, in the yard getting yard work done, on the metro rushing to work.

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There you have it. Hoover that closet space of yours and make room for some new friends for spring from Two Square. The collection is versatile enough to take you from worker bee to stud, conservative to smoldering cool. Wear responsibly. Not everyone will be as cool as you.

Jerome John is a Fashion Designer and enjoys writing articles on Fashion & Style . He holds an Expertise in Fashion Design for menswear and currently works as a Fashion Designer for Two Square Clothing.