Spruce Up Your Doors to Get A New Look

Your doors make a huge statement about your home. Your exterior doors and your door area are the first close up impression that anyone has of your home and can really set the tone for how the rest of your house is viewed. As you know you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Your doors have many purposes such as safe doors which provide passive protection from fire and other hazards. They keep heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer but the one task you want them to perform all year long is to look good. You can also check out interior bifold door design ideas here.

Spruce Up Your Doors

Below I will cover a few easy cost effective methods to spruce up your exterior doors with very little effort on your part.

Doors Decor Ideas

The first thing to do is stand back from your door and look at the surrounding areas. How do they appear? Do they set off your door and entry appeal or are they detracting or not focused on a central theme. These are a few of the door decor ideas we will discuss as well.

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Use Potted Decorative Trees

When you look at one of the exterior doors of your home from a distance does it look barren to both sides with not much there to draw the eye from the rest of the home towards the door? If so consider potted decorative trees one to each side. You can check out home potted plants idea here to undersatnd it in a better way.

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Depending upon where you live and your homes style you could use palm trees or some beautifully shaped cedar spiral trees. There are so many to choose from at any large nursery that you shouldn’t have a problem finding ones that are just right.

Spruce Up Your Doors

Give it a New Look with New Paint

Taking into consideration where you live and the style of your home you can easily change the color of your door by stain or paint and completely change the way that entire exterior section appears both from the road and as you walk up to the house.

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As an example: a colonial style or brick home can have the entire look of the area change by painting the door a deep classic red. A lightly stained door with any glass in it or if it has glass to both sides can be made to look incredible by darkening the stain color a few shades.

Spruce Up Your Doors

Place Urn Style Earthenware Pieces

Placing two large decorative urn style earthenware pieces with the proper finish to accentuate your home style one to each side of your exterior door. Then use a matching placard that can go either on the door itself or even above it.

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There are no plants to care which cuts down on your maintenance time. If the urns are not self draining you can always just drill a small hole in the bottom to the back side to allow the rainwater to escape. This is rather important or you’ll have algae growth accumulate in the urns and can risk damaging them if you have to tip them over to drain them.

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Your exterior doors are the first thing anyone sees close up enough to really get any detail. Keeping them spruced up and ship shape with make a rather nice positive statement about both you and give a fresh look to your home before anyone even enters.

Spruce Up Your Doors

Ameline Clerk a writer for safedoors is fascinated by both interior and exterior design. Being her passion she loves to share helpful tips and resources about keeping them all up to snuff.