Stealing Dannii Minogue Fashion Style

Dannii’s fashion style is something that most successful women will root for as she ‘seems’ to effortlessly juggle her multiple tasks as a mom, fashion icon, business woman, judge and artist. There is no doubt that her style, which is always on-trend, glamorous and sexy, is well-admired, even coveted by women all over the world.

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That style has won Dannii Minogue a myriad of recognition and countless admiration from a horde of fans and followers – ‘Best Dressed’ lists in Marie Claire, Vogue, Glamour and The Guardian to name a few. The red carpet star is a style icon and a role model emulated by women everywhere. If you are among those women who love her fashion sense, here are a few things you can take as tips and tricks.

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If you are dying to know Dannii’s style so you can copy or steal some of her looks, you have to buy her book entitled “Dannii: My Style.” Here, she shares style secrets to her fashion followers concerning her preferences and personal style. It is akin to being a fashion bible that can guide you through making decisions and choices.

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Attending a formal gathering? Her tips on creating red carpet looks are a trove of insights you’ll certainly love. Having a problem finding suitable outfits because yours is a less perfect body shape? Danni Minogue will help you find the dress for your body type to look your best. This book will inspire and guide you to looking and feeling good with the most sensible tips.

Learning the Art of Accessorizing

This fashion icon has not always been as glamorous as you think. She must have the innate panache to be able to appear glamorous even with borrowed and hand-me-down items from her sister. Sprucing up her clothes with accessories to make her clothes look different helped her develop a personal style. That art she learned early in her career has brought her to where is right now as an admired fashion icon that women want to emulate. Accessories are basic in her ‘chameleon looks’ despite using recycled outfits. Her favorite? Hats.

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Being handy with a sewing machine was an edge as she has learned to make alterations here and there to come up with better fitting in-fashion clothes. While she looks every inch trendy, she is not caught in it like a trap. She dresses for comfort and what she feels is right without being stuck in past trends either.

 Of Classic Simplicity and Quality

The star likes simplifying her wardrobe especially since having Ethan, her son. She loves simple, but chic and elegant styles that icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Sophia Loren have worn. These classic clothes usually come with good quality fabrics that are tailored to fit her style and personality. She perks her classic wardrobe to make outfits trendy with just the right accessories.

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Today, Dannii Minogue still projects that glamorous and sexy style. She loves classicism, but she is always on-trend. This is something she is totally accustomed to as she dons all those bright colors with effortless chic. Still stealing her style? Go visit dannii minogue shop and take a piece of her.