Storytelling in Web Design – Every Brand has A Story to Tell

Each website has a story. Every story consists of design. Great website designs play a vital role in creating connection between brand and customers. You can reach your targeted audience by adding a relatable and educational dimension to your product or business, your presence in virtual world becomes more pleasurable, approachable, and overall enjoyable experience. Not every visual story has to be interactive. Your story has to be more users engaging than interactive. If your users barely look at your website or getting bored with it, therefore we have created a list of points that help you to design visual story more interactive and user engaging.


An engaging story does not have to be typical or elaborate. In some cases, you just have to create story that tell cohesive story with just one image. It takes time to design and planning for gathering users on a website. Effective storytelling website requires that you use visual user interface design to create something that people will love to interact with web page and applications.

Each Brand has A Story to Tell the World

Every brand consists of story. You must have to specify story of your brand, company, or even app. It needs to be interactive and unique that people will love to share it with the virtual and physical world. “Good stories are valid and useful for every type of audience.

While thinking about story of your brand, consider some elements that must have in all stories an action, character, and emotions. This story can be presented in number of ways via audibly or using interfaces like storytelling videos etc.

Storytelling is about Stories, either Big or Small

Each story has a grand elements and then smaller journey that help you to move along that path. There are two types of stories either it can be big or small that helps user to interact with the website as they created an action plan for them. Big story are providing platform for users for experience the user interface and interaction design. Small stories create a great impression as they have lucrative punch lines related to the products and services that cannot be ignored. So, while designing process of storytelling about brand think like a game that each level has a small purpose of grand design. We at Thought Media Inc. help you to create an amazing website that helps you to engage users with storytelling approach.

Design of Story

Designing a story of website is not like writing a book or play. It takes time to design stories that interact with the users. It starts with three acts, which includes design setup, scene setting,conflict, and resolution of website. It should be as easy so, that users can understand the reasoning behind the story and easily interact with in some sorts of design making and action in order to create resolution.

Create Connections of Story using UX

UX is playing vital role in website design. That is the only part of web designing where micro interactions and ease of use really comes in to play. Does your website/app /software work like you would expect to it? Do you have to think how to use the website while navigate through pages or follow the story? You can bring all together by connecting the design with intuitive and elegant usability.

All the article is written by Rahul Sharma is original in nature and copyright material. He is a renowned and experienced IT expert in the field of using different social media platforms for marketing. He has been involved with Web Design Company in Toronto and is therefore better placed to advice on matters marketing on any online platform.