Streamlining e-Procurement with Time and Cost Efficiency

To place a brake on corruption and to increase efficiency to effect time and cost savings, more and more organizations are turning towards e-procurement. There are many companies providing e-procurement solutions to PSU’s and other private organizations but the name of epsys ranks very high in the list of these companies. Epsys e-Procurement services is another name of electronic procurement that makes use of internet or a company’s intranet to arrange goods and services that are used by the company for the conduct of its business.

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Epsys Focuses upon Hospitality Sector Alone

Epsys provides tailor made solutions to companies to start or to improve upon their e-procurement systems.  This is because of the fact that different organizations have different hierarchical structures and different requirements from vendors that need to be streamlined to create the most cost effective and efficient e-procurement system for them. But what makes epsys different is the fact that it provides its services to organizations working in hospitality sector only. Whether a small company operating at a local level or a behemoth operating from many different locations in different parts of the world, epsys has a customized, tailor made solution for the procurement requirements of the company in the hospitality sector.

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The Real Benefits of epsys Stretch Far Beyond the Obvious Monetary Savings

Epsys streamlines the work of employees involved with procurement of goods and services to enhance their efficiency and to help them achieve a huge saving of time and money. The buying (also called procurement) process of an organization becomes more cost effective and transparent thereby bringing in monetary benefits to the organization. But these cost benefits are only the tip of the iceberg as there are many more benefits that accrue to the organization beginning from the saving of time to the saving of lots of manpower that is inevitably involved with procurement process.

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The Diverse Range of Functions Performed by the Company

The functions of epsys can be as diverse as the organizations it works for and works with. It manages a plethora of suppliers and reconciles the orders given by the organization with the actual deliveries that are received. The company gives orders to suppliers keeping wastage down to a minimum taking help of menu driven orders. It manages the requests made by the clients of the organization for credit and ensures timely deliveries to the clients. This is not all as it also sends reminders to the clients for timely payments.

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Today, more than 4000 organizations depend upon epsys to improve their efficiency of procurement and to bring monetary benefits through cost effectiveness that results from streamlining of procurement procedures.