Streetwear Fashion; Creating Streetwear Looks for Hardworking Gent Professionals

With a degree from college tucked under your belt, you are now ready to take off as a newbie who wants to make a clean cut into the professional world. Just how do you do that? Start with your wardrobe. You don’t need to wipe clean everything you wore back in college but you need to perk it up to include cool staples. With a few essential pieces you can spin on the latest fashions and create a streetwear collection that fits your new purpose.

Defining ‘Streetwear Fashion’

No, this fashion is not at all overly casual; it has tremendously evolved. It is a more casual alternative that has no pretences and without trying very hard to make it into something it is not. The modern approach is all about comfort, ease, and functionality. Smart casuals are fit to be worn at work with a jacket or blazer and to a fun nightlife afterwards with a few accessories and bling. You need not spend a fortune on this kind of fashion to avoid being overly trendy and being dubbed a Christmas decor.

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Clearly, streetwear fashion has improved over the years to develop a wide range of looks from utterly simple and laidback to smart, dashing looks that are still functional. This generation has managed to effortlessly blend various influences together to come up with a fashion that combines smart cuts and tailoring with what can be considered as classic streetwear basics.

Smart Casual Look

What can a man of savvy taste and work wear with this style in mind? Let it start with quality pair of shoes that dictate how casual you would want your look for the day. A pair of leather shoes would call for a pair of slacks or denim pants that communicates sophisticated casualness. This look fits more mature males and those young professionals who want respect when meeting clients or bosses. For the younger crowd, you can turn up the hem after work or go for colored slim fit bottoms. With a double breasted jacket over a round-neck tee or long sleeved shirt, you still project classism.

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Dashing Super Casual

Meeting people outdoors to survey or inspect a site? With a pair of loafers, sneakers or trainers, you can go for a pair of skinny jeans in any color with a matching (or clashing) shirt- or a rolled- sleeved tee. A leather/university jacket or a hoodie can be added as an extra layer depending on the weather or where you are heading. A leather jacket with a white tee beneath it is an all-time killer look that takes you from a so-so guy to one who matters.

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Yuppies that need to dress up for work to impress superiors and clients need not spend a lot just to mash up their wardrobe for a fresh, still casual but professional look. You can adopt the streetwear fashion and still look right. With the right accessories, hair style and attitude, it will not be too hard for a man to catch attention. Let Salty Liquid guide you through. You can easily create any of these looks with the help of