Stylish Home and Café Blind Trends for 2015

You can now shun your worries away about having outdated window treatments for cafes and homes because in this article, the content curator at All Weather Blinds, Alana Southwell, will introduce the best window blind designs in 2015.

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Sometimes, many would think that it isn’t easy to keep up with the latest home improvement designs and home décor. It can be quite a challenge, but only if you don’t have access to a reliable source in the latest trends. To avoid having outdated home décor and window treatments, you only need to be aware of what’s currently in.

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Café owners need to keep the atmosphere within the store calm, relaxing, and attractive in order to gain more customers. When the café looks pleasant, people would think it’s inviting which eventually leads them to choosing this café among the others within the vicinity. This is the reason why café owners also have to keep their interior décor and café window blinds updated.


Simple colors such as white on white, beige, and off whites are still in for 2015. They are still mostly preferred because they don’t clash with other colors for most café and home interior designs. With these, you can freely decorate and add room and window ornaments without having to worry about color mismatch.

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Honeycomb/Cellular Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are absolutely the best choice for those who want to stay warm during winter, and to be protected from too much heat during the summer. With the help of the pockets, this type of blinds help insulate the interior of your home. With these, both style and functionality are achieved wonderfully.

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Colors and Patterns

Bored with white walls and simple furniture? You can brighten up the room with the help of brightly colored window treatments.  Opt for colored window shutters, or a patterned window blinds. Bright colors can be perfect for living rooms and cafes because they allow enough amount of natural light to come in. It may be best to select darker colors as bedroom window shades for your own privacy.

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Aluminum Blinds

Sophistication can be achieved with sleek and modern interior design, plus a good set of aluminum blinds. They are the best choice for office buildings, and can be a good choice for cafes as well. Aluminum blinds are quite sturdy, and are quite easier to clean compared with ordinary window blinds.

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Wooden Blinds

There are a number of ways for you to make a room look elegant. However, if you’d like to achieve classic elegance for your home or café, then wooden blinds are the perfect choice I this case. Make sure to choose those that are custom fit to achieve the best look, and select those that have smart wands or levers for easy adjustment.

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Segregation or Outdoor Blinds

Today, it isn’t too difficult to convert outdoor space into useful areas. This can now be achieved by installing outdoor blinds. Café owners no longer have to worry about accommodating more customers than usual, because a café extension can be built with outdoor blinds. Homeowners can come up with a number of uses for the extra outdoor space with segregation blinds.

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Classical Styles

Classical window blinds are still in, especially for buildings with classic interior design. Persian and Roman blinds are definitely in style this year, so you can go ahead and keep them if you still have them installed.

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Now that you have an idea about the latest window blind trends, you can opt to redesign, or keep what you currently have. If you do want to keep your window blinds, you always have the option to modernize them. You can add other window ornaments or decors, or simply take the attention away from the blinds and add some stylish curtains for your windows. You can also go for other cost-effective options like painting plain window blinds.

Alana Southwell loves the arts, and is fond of simple home improvement and renovation. She likes to contribute her home improvement ideas at All Weather Blinds, write blogs, and bond with her family. You can catch her on Twitter: @Alana_Southwell.