Summer Home Improvements Ideas to Make It So Cool!

Clement weather, people with sunny and bright dispositions, long, light evenings…the timing just couldn’t better for making home improvements. Summer really lends itself to projects that brighten up and make your home that bit more delightful. The most logical place to start is, of course, outdoors.

Install a Patio or Garden Decking

Your first project could be to install a patio or some garden decking. Get it ready for the gloriously late, light evenings that peak in July but continue through August. Informal get-togethers with friends and barbecues all work better when your garden has some that sense of being an extension of indoors, which is what patios and decking can give it. Suddenly, what might have been just a lawn is now a genuine seating and dinner area. You can offer shade with an awning and install lighting and heat lamps. If you take this particular step, then it’s also a good time to consider whether or not you want outdoor storage or a place for growing fruit and veg; a shed or green house doesn’t have to be difficult to assemble at all. If you’ve just moved in, then get back in touch with your man with a van London service and see if they have materials or expertise they can lend to your project. You could pick up some free bits and pieces.

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Garden Maintenance

Next up is general garden maintenance. In early summer, be vigilant about mowing, weeding and making good the damage to things like fences and trellis. It doesn’t take long for a garden to look untidy, so this is a job to return to again and again through the summer months. Lawns need special care at this time because a heat wave can leave them looking bleached and crinkly. A sprinkler system and some fertilizer options can keep them healthy and lush.

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Exterior Home Improvements

Now move on to exterior home improvements. Again, the season makes these so much easier. There’s something so bleak about trying to attend to them when it’s wet and bitter. Plastering, outdoor paintings, cleaning outside walls, doors, windows. You could also make sure you check the state of your roof and even get to grips with cleaning the gutters as well. The roof is one of the key, protective elements of your home, yet we all too easily overlook its needs. Summer means there’s no excuse.

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Install a Pool

If you’ve got the space, why not install a pool? All of a sudden, you have the ultimate facility for exercising without having to go out to the gym, as well as a brilliant entertainer of all children. Choices include easy-to-install, above       ground pools or outdoor/inside submerged pools which come in a variety of materials. Built-in, outdoor pools currently reign as the most popular choice in the country and nearly every one opts for heating these days. To up your usage throughout the year, you can use heat pumps and solar panels.

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Home Extension or Conversion Projects

It come next and the chance of dry, long days is a Godsend for such undertakings. An extension is by no means a small feat, and it’s important to hire an architect, project manager and/or quantity surveyor to make sure things stay rolling and within budget. But if you already have a disused attic, loft or basement, why not tackle that instead?

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Conversions are less expensive than extensions and more often than not they don’t require planning permission. It’s the summer and you want to enjoy yourself, so the easier option should always be given serious consideration. Other possible summer improvements include cooling your home (air conditioning systems) and installing solar panels or laying a new driveway.