Tips to Keep Your Patio Cool in Summer

It is very tough to endure the soaring temperature in outside patio during the summer despite you has taken proper steps to keep the temperature intolerable limit. Although the sun heat burns almost everything in summer, we like to spend free time in our backyard. To beat the heat wave, you have to follow some effective methods to reduce the temperature around you outdoor patio. This practical ideas and methods can help you to cope with the extreme heat wave.

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Let’s take a look the ways you can implement to cool off your outside patio.

Don’t Let the Sun Shine In

It is mandatory to increase the shade around your patio. It is the best and easiest way to protect you from the blazing sun heat.

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You can choose following options to increase shade around your patio effectively:

  • Patio Umbrella. It will be a lifesaver when you are eating dinner or reading books on your patio. It can protect you from the UV ray of sun and keep you away from the many deathly diseases. Only you have to expend 30-50$. If you have a budget of 100$-150$, you may get some classic and stylish patio umbrella and give your outside an aesthetic look.

It is recommended to choose light color (white or off-white). These colors reflect the most of the sun wave and absorb fewer heat waves. Thus, they decrease the temperature 5-10 degree cooler than the outside environment.

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  • It filters the sunlight that is not shaded by the trees around your patio. Moreover, it will add more architectural view of your outside backyard. Make the pergola more sun proof by covering the roof with moisture resistant cotton canvas trap.
  • Umbrella and pergola can’t protect you from sunbeam and ray on whole day. After midday, the sun creates angle that can increase the warm in your patio. The curtain can be the best solution for this problem. Also, it will give you more privacy and create filtered light.
  • Plant Tree. A tree around your patio will give a natural shade. It is one of my favorite ways to increase the shade of patio.
  • Cover the Area With Wood. You can cover the whole patio area with the wood instant of a solid surface.

Keeping the Surface Cool

If the surface of your patio is made with solid concrete, it will absorb heat in daylight. Slowly the surface will radiate the heat wave and this heat will increase the temperature at least 10 degrees than normal room temperature.  You can paint the floor or ground surface with light color or white color.  Because, white absorbs less heat as it reflects the most of the sun rays compare to dark or deep colors.

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You can also use rug that are suitable for all seasons. This will not only reduce the temperature but also keep the surface cool and comfort to walk.

Reduce the Dry Heat using Misting Fan

If you are in living in Southern California, the blistering heat of the sun is inhumane but not to mention it can create drought. The dry heat climate on those area will give you the feeling of the desert while you are outside of you home in summer.

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Misting fans can be a great solution regarding this huge problem. It will emit water along with air flow. This will reduce the humidity of your outside patio and create more comfortable weather. You will get wet if you come closer (less than six inches) to the fan. A cooling outdoor misting fan can cover an area of thousands of square feet without any problem.

Reduce the Humidity by Electric Fan

All 100-degree climates are not equal. In case you reside in the coastal area of South Carolina, the 100-degree temperature will give you the feeling of 110 degrees. The humidity of coastal area is always higher than area. It will create a hot, wet, sticky and miserable weather as the body sweat will not evaporate in the high humidity weather. So expending some time in patio will give you the feeling of hell.

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You have to use an electric fan so that the sweat evaporates quickly and reduce the sticky and wet feelings. You can choose a pedestal or tower fan in between 50$-100$. Moreover, you can move it into your house to store it in the winter season.

You can also buy a dehumidifier but I don’t think it will work outside the home.

This guest post is contributed by Mohiuddin Shawon of He is a professional engineer and loves blogging online. He lives in Malaysia with this family. You can get cooling system related help on his website Top Cooling Fan.