5 Superb Tools to Handle Excess Emails Smoothly

Emails are never easy to handle. Especially when you receive a lot of those. And who doesnt? Hidden among those 170 emails which you received yesterday, only 3 worth any attention. How do you search? Manually? Time taking and a real fight with the inbox. There are many other worthy things to do than to sort your rubbish emails. That is exactly why; there are so many apps which are used by people to get rid of this messy business. In this article, we will try to present a few of such apps which can help you to get rid of this problem easily.

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The first app would be MailStorm. The incredible sorting experience helps it to be our first choice. You can easily sort your whole inbox by Sender, Subject, List, Time, Attachment size and so on. The web based interface works just fine with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL which means all the major email service providers are well covered. Using this sorting function, which often is very colourful for better visual, getting rid of old junk is so easy and just a one click job. There is also chance of a very nice interface if you select to use it.

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If you want a simple app, which almost reminds you of a SMS/Text inbox, you should go for Triage. The iPhone app is a paid one and yes it worth’s all the $2 it costs. Often we don’t reply emails as much as we reply text messages. And even if we do, not with the same alacrity which we show when answering texts. That is why Triage excels and stands out. It diminishes the difference between text and emails and allows us to be more active on email communication on a jiffy.

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Cloze is another free people-oriented app who analyzes your social profiles and arranges your friends according to the priority using a arithmetical digit system. The more you interact with a friend, his/her score increases and his/her mails start getting more importance. If you don’t like the importance digit of any particular person, you can manually alter it. This app uses data from LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook to get this friend score and as an added bonus, brings all these social networking sites to your inbox. But primarily it is used as an email client and there it excels well.

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Mailbox, which is basically an app for iPhone and iPad, is our next entry. The look of this email client is somewhat similar to the native mail client for Apple. But this client is way better in organising which is our main aim for this article. The best feature is the one handed handling of the emails. Swipe right allows you to make client achieve the mail whereas swiping left akkow you to save the email for later. To delete a mail, simply swipe right and hold the mail. There is a very interesting feature in this email which busy people might just love. You can remove any email from your inbox and allow it to return later at a convenient time so that you are free to read it with better concentration and reply to it more suitably.

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Boxer is another iOS app which might seem very similar to our first entry, MailBox but in fact Boxer does something which even MailBox doesnt do. The similarity lies in the fact that Boxer allows you to swipe across the screen and performs tasks. But when you swipe right, you are presented with 5 options which read Like, Quick, To-Do, Request and Done. For example, just like the options say, you can add a mail to the To-Do list, or by selecting the Quick option you can send some pre-stored canned response.

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These 5 email clients top our chart because of the unique features they offer. You can use the traditional web based original interface, you can use traditional OutLook or Thunderbird, you can even use the apps the companies are offering themselves. The choice is really yours. There are of course other third party apps available as well to handle the exact problem.

You must check however, how resource hungry is the app. Not all phones are as equipped as Samsung Galaxy S4 which means the app may not run as smoothly as you might want it to. Also, not all of these apps run on all the platforms, resulting in more limitation in choice. But surely, these apps can make your email handling a lot more fun and easy than it is right now.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is a B.Tech and MBA(IT) from premier institutees in India and works as a liason between iOS & Android development and online promotion departments. He has accumulated a vast experience in handheld industry and technology and often shares his witty observations on various online platforms. You can always get him write for your blogs and websites.