Sure-Fire Twitter Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce

Traditional marketing plans of the past 20 years have gone out of the window; the simple reason being most people of today do a bit of research before hand on the product they are going to buy on the Internet. Today, a person can look up the Web to find out product details of any given product, or by simply looking up blogs and forums about the product to see what kind of response it has received from the general public. Without an internet marketing plan (effective) in place it is most likely your business and website is losing out on business from prospective clients who do not know anything about the product or your business.

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Twitter-Marketing strategies for ecommerce

For those who have a brief idea of using Twitter marketing tools for business and have been doing so for some time and are looking for some advanced marketing strategies for social media marketing, here are some useful sure-fire strategies that can be used for Twitter marketing successfully. All these marketing strategies are tried and tested and is being used by the inner sphere of multinational companies to promote and market their businesses.

Strategy # 1: Make Automatic Tweets to Stay in Touch with Followers Round the Clock

The very first marketing strategy for Twitter will be to make tweets automatic to stay in touch with the multitude of followers. I personally follow close to 25,000 people on Twitter currently. I do not want my partner to fuss about the fact that I do not get to spend enough time with her, so I have automated most of my tweets. This denotes that I have tweets going and coming in all day without me having to be there. This also ensures that my Twitter account is active all day. I make myself available at time frames to connect with a selected group of people who are experts in my field of business or follow a few celebrities and share business ideas with a follower from the same business.

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Strategy # 2: Understand and Use the Power of Appreciation in Twitter Marketing

The power of appreciation has to be exercised to gain a great deal of success by advertising on Twitter, this strategy is very important. When some follower has a business query and is seeking your assistance, after assisting this follower there will be an appreciation note that will come up on your Twitter account. These appreciations can be put to good use later. This is called as a psychological strategy to take time and help another person using Twitter with their questions they are obliged, and it is like they owe you a favor. For such Twitter followers it is advisable to ask them to look up your blog posts regularly and the promotional offers available on your website.

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Strategy # 3: Don’t Forget to Look Up Recommended Followers

Another important Twitter marketing strategy will be to look up followers suggested by other Twitter account holders. These recommend followers are classified as typical superior quality of Twitter followers; this is because these followers are available on the up-front of public testimony. The general notation by online marketers is that if a person is being recommended by another Twitter follower is the recommended person is very good and is aware of what needs to be done. This is the only reason why it is important to advertise on Twitter on FollowFriday, as there will be close to 300 – 400 followers of the best quality who will be willing to assist your business by using the word of mouth business strategy to market your products.

It is also important to take time to interact with clients, customers and followers alike. Do not forget to follow up on queries, answer questions and provide feedback for their thoughts and concerns.

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