Cool Swimming Pool Designs for 2017

Did you know that swimming pools are actually way older than you might think? In fact, the first swimming pool is estimated to be more than 5000 years old! The very concept of it, however is pretty simple and hasn’t gone through too much changes; well, if you don’t count the design, that is! Here are some pool design trends for 2017!

Small Pools

People give up installing their dream pool because they think their yard is too small. Luckily, you can always opt for a small pool, such as a plunge pool, a spool (a combination of a pool and a spa), swim spas and a variety of other ideas. Apart from the obvious benefit of saving up in terms of space and being able to fit into almost every yard, these are cheaper to install and maintain. No, you won’t be able to do swimming laps here or play sports, but having a place to dip into and relax during those warm summer months is a huge thing!

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Pools with Vanishing Edges

Commonly known as infinity or negative edge pools, these are a part of every expensive resort. The idea behind them is that the vanishing edge is introduced by means of shortening the pool on one side, while the water spills into a catch basin below. As opposed to small pools, these are rather expensive and don’t really play well with the lack of view from your backyard. However, if you’ve saved up on some money and if your backyard benefits from a scenic spot, these are pretty much it as far as luxury goes.

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Beach Entries

If you’re lucky enough to own a house on the beach, you can rest assured that we are all envious. As for the majority of people, most of us have to settle for pools. Nevertheless, there is a way you can enjoy a beach feel at your home. Beach entry pools have sloped floors, which means that you can gradually descend into the water, much like on a real life beach. These are also known as zero depth entry pools and are a fantastic choice for all you beach lovers out there.

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Glass-Tiled Pools

Incorporating glass tiles into your swimming pool simply screams luxury! The sophisticated and iridescent look that glass-tiled pools provide is definitely worth investing in. You can experiment with these by integrating the tiles in certain parts of the pool, but lining the entire thing with them is certainly a popular option. If you want something resilient, plunge pools will give you exactly what you need – they are way more durable than ceramic and porcelain tiles!

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Natural Pools

Eco-friendliness should be the aim of every single one of us and 100% natural, chemical-free swimming pools are a great choice. The way these things work is they benefit from an ecosystem of aquatic plants, which keep the water clean. What this means is saying goodbye to chlorine and other harmful chemicals! The best part here is that they can pretty much take any form, from your regular swimming pool design, all the way to swimming holes that blend in with the nature. Affordable and environmentally-conscious, this is definitely the way to go, when it comes to choosing your pool design. Finally, take into the account the factor of lower maintenance costs!

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Pools are no longer a luxury for the richest folk. Nowadays, they are quite affordable to install and maintain and can fit into even the smallest of yards. These design trends aren’t going anywhere in 2017, so choose your perfect one and enjoy the summer months!