Stay Connected with Your Team via Video Conferencing

Whether you’re off on vacation or stuck in traffic, staying connected is no longer a nice-feature to have. It’s a must-have. We list here the many ways video conferencing helps you stay connected with your team anywhere you happen to be in the world.

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Forget about Bad Traffic

While traffic isn’t the tool of the dark side, it’s one of those things that really make a difference in employee attendance records. If you’ve got employees coming in late in the mornings and disrupting early meetings, one way to work your way through this is to use video meetings. This way, they can easily log into the meetings even when they’re home. That not only eliminate the problem of traffic and commuting stress, it also you didn’t have to waste time and energy waiting for that employee to arrive for the meeting. A single keystroke is all your employees need to get online and into that meeting.

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Retain Your Best People

Times change. Employees get married, raise families and change addresses. Sometimes, that move also means they’ll need to resign and look for work that’s nearer to where they live. That could mean losing a few of the best people you have on your team. Don’t let that happen. With video technology, keeping an eye on a remote employee is easy. So you can retain the best people you’ve got in your company by offering a flexible work from home arrangement. You don’t have to say goodbye to a 5-year or even 10-year professional relationship. With video, your employees can work from home without worries, even if that home happens to be a city, state or continent away, says the Entrepreneur.

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Online Training Sessions

These days, a lot of businesses are learning the value of building a global team. If you’ve got remote teams, it can be tough to provide your employees with everything they need to get the job done. Anybody knows a company is only as great as the people behind it. So if you want to make sure your offsite teams have as much access to much needed knowledge and support, offer training by way of video. These are easy to do without stretching your company resources. This way, your offsite employees can receive equal attention as onsite employees do, especially in terms of professional training, ensuring their growth and of the company’s growth alongside theirs.

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Use It for Updates

Make time for town halls. With services like BlueJeans video conferencing for small business, you can make announcements and inform your team of the many milestones the business has achieved. It’s a nice way to keep team spirits up and provide your employees with a sense of motivation and drive for the future. It’s not always easy to get things done, day in and day out. Human drive and passion might be relentless but people get tired and stressed. They get run down. With well-timed pep talks, you can rally your troops to beat that impossible deadline or resolve a tough issue. With video calls, you can improve your relationship with your onsite and offsite teams.

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Take Advantage of Face to Face Element

One of the best things about virtual meetings is that they can make a massive difference in your employee’s engagement, says the Daily Worth. A short video clip of you praising someone’s efforts is ten times more effective than an email doing the same thing. That’s the personal and human touch the face-to-face contact via video calls brings. Aside from boosting employee morale and engagement, you can use it to improve the way you reach out to your consumers. With video calls, you can call up customers or offer them freebies and discount offers in a way that’s going to make them feel special. That helps increase customer loyalty so you’ll get more repeat customers for your product or service.

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Get Rid of the Blurries

With the right video system, you can get rid of any blurry feeds. With HD clarity, it’s easy to see the rest of your offsite teams. The visuals are so good, you’d think they’re just right there in the room with you. So don’t let a bad case of the blurries compromise your meetings. With the right tools, you and your team can get down to discussing business in no time.

Easy to Set Up and Connect

First-time users often worry about the level of difficulty involved in learning the system. Don’t let that get in the way of you and your team enjoying anywhere, anytime access. With reliable video products and solutions, user problems aren’t going to be an issue anymore. Glitch-free, you can count on these programs to work. Connect with anyone in the group and stay connected wherever you and your team happen to be. So long as you have a solid internet connection in your location, then everything will be alright.