Teched Out House [Infographic]

Technology is finding its way into our homes, making our lives simpler, safer, and greener. In the following infographic, we take a look at how the average household may look in the not so distant future and how all this technology will help us daily.

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The number one priority for technology developers as you will see in the infographic is productivity. The infographic shows you various devices, that will allow you to do things without modern hassles, for example, get up from wherever you’re seated top turn something on/off. There are plenty of new apps that can get things done by the time you arrive, such as boiling the kettle or pre-heating the oven.

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Another major priority in modern day technology is security. Soon our walls, floors and ceilings would track our movements, and detect when something is not right. We will also have technology, boosting our health with self-cleaning refrigerators and self-sterilizing door handles.

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Some of the devices mentioned in the infographic are available for purchase, and some are yet to be confirmed. Amongst the ones available are “Sleep number C2” it monitors sleep by tracking breathing, heart rate and movement. “Lauzon genius smart floor” breaks down airborne contaminants. “Subzero wolf fridge” has a built in purifier based on NASA tech, and it gets rid of mold and bacteria every 20 minutes.

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Teched Out House Infographic by The Rug Seller by The Rug Seller