Ten Inspirational Modern Office Designs

The office is a well-known and important part of any business setting. In most cases, it is the heart of your business operation. Why, then, would you settle for one that is boring or unpleasant when you can have one that is uplifting and positive? Check out ten modern office designs that are sure to keep employees feeling motivated.

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One with Nature

This creative design will appeal to nature-lovers. It’s serene and exotic. It might even fool you into forgetting you are in an office! With this design, the ground could be AstroTurf, and there might be vines hanging from the ceiling. Your employees might get to work in treehouse-themed cubicles. It’s a design that’s sure to relax your employees and gets their creativity flowing.

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The Ski Room

The Google office, located in Zurich, is known for its creative office space. Each of its rooms has a different theme, along with different ways for employees to relax and enjoy themselves. One of its rooms has a particularly wintery feel, with illustrations of snow-covered mountains along the walls. Even the ground looks like snow! However, the unique ski gondolas are the most creative part of this room. They serve as private meeting rooms, and each one is decorated differently.

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Modern Art

This theme is perfect for a bold, modern company. It combines bright colors with unusual art pieces and strange fixtures, making for an eye-catching (but hopefully not too distracting) office space. Visit strategyhat.co.uk to see a list of similar designs if you need some inspiration for this one.

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“Vintage” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to design a modern office. However, vintage designs and themes are actually making a huge comeback in the modern world. This makes them as good as any other modern option. Unique vintage-style furniture, flooring, and lighting make this design beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

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Under the Sea

What’s more relaxing than an office with a soothing ocean theme? Nothing! Dark, blue floors with reef murals along the walls go nicely with soothing light that isn’t too bright. You get extra points if you include a real aquarium.

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The Cozy Coffee Shop Feel

Sometimes, simple is better. This design has a minimalistic feel, but it’s comfortable. It features neutral colors, intricate sculptures, modern art, and cozy seats. Incorporate an actual coffee joint—your employees are sure to thank you for it.

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This design will give your office the look of a log cabin in the wilderness. Wood flooring, stuffed moose heads, large windows, and a roaring fireplace can be combined with nature artwork for a truly outdoorsy feel.

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This office theme features a ton of high-tech gadgets. You may choose to make it more modern, or you might prefer a futuristic vibe. Include an electronic fireplace to pull the look together.

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Sports, Sports, Sports

If your employees love sports, they’re sure to love this office design. You might have jerseys and other sport paraphernalia on the walls, and AstroTurf football-themed flooring. If you want to get really fancy, you could include a game room for your employees.

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Asian Flair

This office will feature bamboo in a lot of its design features. Include some oriental furniture and tatami shoji blinds to seal the look. Scattering some bamboo plants around the office will make it feel even more authentic.

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