Terrific Ways To Redesign Your Mental For Warmer Months

Mental is no doubt the most attractive focal point of the living room in winter. However, most people struggle to embellish it in style when warmer days strike. Some folks make a mockery of their homes by decorating the mental in a way that does not complement with summary feelings and colors. Therefore, you need to be little creative and think out of the box to make your mental a scintillating focal point for summers as well.

Tips to Style Your Mental For Summer

You can prefer any approach to adorn your mental but following tips will definitely spark your imaginations.

  • Painted Logs for Fun Hue

Although mental is not used in summer yet you can fill it with painted logs to give it a modern, fun makeover.  Furthermore, you can also hang things like a vintage educational map above to enhance new looks. However, you need to ensure that logs are not burnt because they are for decoration only.

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living room mental redesign

  • Group Themed Artwork

Another idea to spice up looks of mental in summers is to hang grouped themed artwork directly above it. You can go shopping or online and look for pieces of art with summery theme like split canvas prints. In addition, it is also a great idea to snap your camera and start taking your own series of picture of clouds, water or palm trees and hang them horizontally above the mental for maximum effect.

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  • Fill a Demijohn with Big Branches

Here a single large demijohn container will do the job for you. You can simply pluck some branches from your own backyard; plunk those in the water and place the jar close to mental. The swooping height of the jar as well as branches in addition with fresh green colors and sweet fragrance will definitely revitalize your space.

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  • Surround Mental with Summary Colors

Take a step back and ponder which color will work best with your mental. However, if you want to bring in colors of summer around your mental, think of painting surrounding walls in fresh light blue or green. Furthermore, you can also switch heavy and dark curtains or drapes with light weight and breezy white sheets to impart a sensational soft look to the ambiance.

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  • Decorate with Vintage Treasures

Spy at flea markets and vintage shops and pick decorative items in single color. The next step is to group you “extraordinary” finds on the mental and you can also display a glimpse of your own personal touch with freshly cut flowers or personalized family photos.

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  • Lighten up the Color Scheme

You also need to lighten up your color scheme around the mental according to the summer themes. Therefore decorative items and accessories in pale blue, sunny yellow and spring green are quite welcoming and cheerful. Furthermore, shop decorative items for rest of your house that perfectly complements this particular color scheme. On the flip side, you can paint your mismatched finds in your favorite hue and give them a unifying coat of color.

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  • Botanically Themed Artwork

If you are the person looking for small tweaks rather than completely overhauling your mental every season, you can use few pieces of neutral artwork in combination with a big mirror. Botanically themed artworks like printing a botanical photo to canvas. Pieces inspired by botany work perfectly with every season. You just need to assent them with seedpods, seasonal blooms and other glorious finds from the nature as the mood strikes.

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living room in summer

  • Shuffle Plants and Chairs

If you have used fireplace as the main source of attraction in your living room during winter, you can simply reposition chairs and plants to shift the focus. For instance, you can angle two chairs right in front of the mental and with a large tree tucked in a pot behind one of them.


These are some of the most effective tips that will allow you to adorn your mental fascinatingly and make it a focal point even in the warmer months.