8 Brilliant Text Effect Tutorials For Rookie and Advanced Designers

Designing, whether it is for web or mobile, always sets under a creative umbrella that allows one to tinker with software and generate a desired look and feel.

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Since, text is a form of visual imagery, you can create beautiful artworks by implementing unique forms and intriguing Photoshop effects. This will allow one to design interesting patterns that can be used in logo designing, banner designing, and so forth.

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No doubt, typography is one of the crucial aspects of web design, and adding effects on text will adorn its appearance. Fortunately, there are several blissful tutorials and legible guides available online that help design a fabulous effect and pleasing visual appeal. You can get started by seeking an effective source. Here, we have compiled a list of the best guides and tutorials that offer an insight into creating text effects in Photoshop to help you how.

Let’s explore a few of the awesome text effect tutorials.

Icy Style in Photoshop

This step by step guide will allow you to create beautiful icy-cold effect on different objects by implementing layer styles. After generating the effect, the tutorial will show how to display it over an amazing background to further enhance the overall design. It also offers the PSD file containing the layer styles. Therefore, if you are interested in directly using these files, you can simply download the file, and copy and paste the layer styles.

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The tutorial will quickly take you through different steps and offer a brief description for each step of the process. It is of intermediate level and easily understandable. Moreover, you can also get the translated copy of the tutorial upon request if you are not comfortable with English.

Smoke Type in Photoshop

You can learn how to create a smoke effect on text by using the Photoshop tools with this tutorial. After going through the tutorials, you will be able to design astonishing smoke typography within a few minutes (it may vary depending upon individuals’ speed and understanding). The simple and legible steps covered in this tutorial make it quite easy that even beginners can design this effect with a breeze.

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This guide will teach you how to play with Photoshop brushes via the Brushes Engine and different adjustment layers to design a beautiful effect. All the requisite elements for generating this design is readily available and can be used as it is. However, it is expected that readers must have the general idea about the technical terms used in the guide.

How To Quickly Create A Stylish Retro Text Effect

The retro text effect is an evergreen style that is always admired by a lot of viewers. If you are interested in designing the amazing retro text effects or if your client is demanding the same, this tutorial can be of great help to you. It teaches the best way to efficiently generate a retro effect on text. This is a handy guide that offers a simple technique to implement the Perspective tool, which is great for defining the depth in designs. Moreover, it also offers various approaches of using the default gradient in Photoshop. This tutorial is for intermediate level designers. You can also get it translated into a desired language.

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Text In Stitches

The text in stitches is quite impressive. You can amaze your viewers by creating this innovative design style. This comprehensive tutorial offers an insight into the efficient method for designing an outstanding effect on text. It primarily explains how to convert text to a path and then tells how that path can be stitched via custom brush set. The tutorial suggests that one must download the brush set beforehand. It also offers a link from where you can get the additional resources and other files.

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Simple Styled Text with Stars Effect

You can proficiently design this adorable artwork by thoroughly going through this resourceful guide. This step-by-step tutorial illustrates each step and is a perfect guide for a beginner. All the prerequisites and links to the source files are included in the guide so you don’t need to search anything additionally. It simply offers a nice way to generate a beautiful text effect via Layer Styles and then it explains how to modify some brush settings to create stars in the background.

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How to Create an Epic Metal Text Effect From Scratch

You can create a ravishing metal text effects on your own by learning through this tutorial. It offers an insight into the complete method used for designing an epic text effect in Photoshop with aesthetic background. Here, Photoshop brushes and stock images are used for designing beautiful effects. Moreover, it also tells how to tweak the layer styles to generate a desired effect and a precise picture explaining how to use the Cloud Filter in Photoshop. You can easily learn this epic typography and the way to implement it for delivering incredible design that can complement cover pages, games, etc.

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Photoshop Tutorial: Stunning 3D Effects in 30 Minutes

This is yet another brilliant tutorial that teaches you the best approach for creating a fabulous 3D effect in text, and most interestingly, it will help you accomplish that in just 30 minutes. In the beginning, it will explain how to create some 3D text, which is followed by other steps that can generate a stunning effect on the text by implementing the Magic Want Tool, a cool brush from DeviantArt, custom brushes (including smoke), and a lot more. These prolific tools will help you design creative effects that can embellish a text.

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 Easy Plastic Text with Layer Styles In Photoshop

This Photoshop text effects tutorial teaches a great way to deploy the Layer Styles in Photoshop to generate a realistic plastic-like look and feel of a text. It will make the text appear as if it is actually made from some plastic material. The tutorial includes several resourceful steps to create the effect by using a few “contours”. Although these contours are not available by default, you will need to download them beforehand, which is as easy as following this tutorial. Each step of the tutorial is comprehended with relevant screen shots to offer you an insight into the complete designing process. With this well-explained tutorial, you can proficiently embellish your text to make it appear fresh and riveting.

Final Thought

All these 8 tutorials offer a great way to enhance the visual appearance of a text and make it appear more creative and intriguing. You can choose any of these easy-to-follow guides and doodle with your websites’ or applications’ text in a desired fashion. I am sure that these tutorials will definitely boost your confidence and take out the creative person in you who can deliver innovative typography effects in Photoshop. Hopefully this will inspire you to explore more text effects and even create your own. There really is no limit to what you can do with Photoshop – how about comic book text?

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