The Best Devices To Take With You To Work While Travelling

Technology is making it more and more possible for us to work while we’re away from the office or the home office. Convergence has ensured that devices continue to get smaller while still being more powerful, and multifunctional, and this is incredibly useful if you want to gain access to all your usual software and information while you’re traveling. Here are some best devices for travelling you must consider taking along:

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Best Devices for Travelling

For business trips this is very useful, but for others it’s completely transformational. For instance, some entrepreneurs will now be able to work from foreign countries or while travelling without having to find an office to work in. And technology can even be convenient when we’re relaxing on holiday – by allowing us to watch TV or listen to music on the move or around the pool.

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But to make the most of this amazing power of modern technology, you need to have the right gadgets and the right tech with you that’s designed to allow you to make the most of technology in these ways. Read on to find which tech is best to use on the go.


If you don’t already have a smartphone, then this is an investment that will greatly improve your ability to work when you’re on the move. With a smartphone you’ll be constantly able to receive texts and e-mails allowing you to stay in contact with clients around the world.

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At the same time, if you have an Android device with a large screen – such as the impressive Galaxy Note – then you’ll be able to use this almost as a PC for productivity tasks. Use a Bluetooth keyboard and install Linux and you can use this to write documents and upload them on the go.

There are limitations to using just a smartphone though. One is that you will likely need your main form of contact when you’re travelling and so won’t want to drain the battery. Another is that you will potentially end up spending a lot of money on your connectivity – unless you can find somewhere with WiFi.

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Using a tablet is much lighter than using a laptop or an ultrabook, even if you throw in the additional Bluetooth keyboard. The best tablets for real productivity on the move are the Atom processor-powered tablets such as the HP Envy or Elitepad. These are very light with lots of battery life, but will also enable you to access your Windows software for programming or web design. The slightly larger screen is also a little nicer for catching up on internet TV.

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A Kindle is a great entertainment device for travelling and the e-ink screen makes it well suited to working in the sun. Best of all though is the always-on 3G connection that is completely free and available almost anywhere in the world. This means that when you’re in the middle of nowhere with no connection, you can still answer your emails without it costing you the Earth. Check out Kindle Fire HD review and common kindle fire problems and solutions here.

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For emergencies, a solar charger can give you just enough juice to get a Kindle or a phone up and running temporarily. This way you need never be ‘off the grid’. Whether that’s a good thing is left for you to decide…

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