The Best Wedding Blogs for Soon-to-Be Brides

As a soon-to-be bride, you have plenty on your plate. Not only do you need to plan your wedding, but you need to do it within your set budget. In order to find great wedding ideas or learn valuable tips and tricks for planning a wedding, you may turn to the Internet to find websites, blogs or articles that can help you.

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Many companies and individuals have created wedding blogs to showcase great wedding ideas or to provide tips on how to better plan or prepare for your wedding. If you’re a soon-to-be bride, the following are some great blogs that can provide you with much needed advice.

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Bridal Snob

If you’re into classy, then Bridal Snob is a great blog for you to visit. As a photo blog, Bridal Snob works similarly to Pinterest in that it provides a variety of images with captions about all things wedding. From pretty wedding dresses to classic centerpiece ideas, you can easily find something to inspire you for your own wedding.

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Ruffled is a great wedding blog to help you find inspiration for your own wedding theme as well as provide you with DIY projects to help you save on your wedding expenses. You can peruse pictures from different wedding themes to see if something interests you, and you can look at pictures from real weddings to see how different brides set up their own weddings. Plus, you can even learn how to create your own centerpieces, cake toppers and floral arrangements.

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Offbeat Bride

If you don’t consider yourself a traditional white dress and roses type of bride, don’t worry. Offbeat Bride is a great blog that provides you with unique ideas that don’t involve sticking to wedding traditions. Along with checking out stories and pictures of non traditional weddings from other people, you can also use the blog to find first dance songs that aren’t cheesy or alternative or learn how to asks guests to turn off their cell phones.

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Recycled Bride

Have wedding stuff to get rid of? Want to find something for your wedding at a cheap price? Recycled Bride can help. This blog connects buyers and sellers with wedding-related items, and it’s an easy way for sellers to earn a few extra bucks. Plus, if you’re really interested in eco-friendly items, you’ll also be able to use the blog to ask other users for what you want.

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The Broke-Ass Bride

Don’t let a small wedding budget deter you from having a great wedding. There’s no rule that says the best weddings have to cost a fortune. The Broke-Ass Bride is a blog that will help you create the best possible wedding on the smallest budget. You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to cut costs, and you’ll even learn about items you can make yourself to help you save significantly.

If you’re getting married soon and you need help with ideas or learning how to cut costs, make sure to check out these blogs.

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