Things to Consider When Updating Your New Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most used areas in any home, so it makes sense that you want it to look great. It can, however, be one of the most complex and expensive DIY projects that you ever undertake, so it pays to be prepared and know what you’re looking for.

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Here, we identify the important things that you must consider when updating your bathroom.

Things Updating Your New Bathroom

What are your overall needs?

The size of your family is likely to dictate the sort of bathroom that you need. If there are lots of children fighting over the space each and every morning, you might decide to keep the toilet room separate, or even turn some bedrooms in your house into en-suites. It may seem like extra expense, but it’s worth considering all your options before making an investment in something that won’t meet your needs in the longer term. Also, bear in mind that you could be adding to the value of your home for when the time comes that you want to sell it.

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What storage solutions will you use?

We all have those bathroom bits and bobs that mount up over time. For convenience, it’s essential that you have plenty of storage in your bathroom to keep your toiletries and other items tidy. If it’s a small space, remember that you can make use of nooks and crannies such as under the sink.

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How will you heat the bathroom?

A cold bathroom in unwelcoming, so make sure that you don’t neglect to consider heating. A towel rail that incorporates a small radiator could be a good option here. Typical towel rails tend to give off very little heat, so you’re getting two bases covered with this approach.

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What will your walls be like?

Polished porcelain tiles are often the obvious option, and it’s true that they can create a great finish. They’re also easy to clean and will generally stand the test of time. A complete covering of tiles can create a cold feeling though, and it can also cause problems with condensation. For these reasons, you might decide to simply paint half of the walls.

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When will you do it?

A new bathroom will usually mean that your facilities are out of order for a few days, especially if you’re taking on the task yourself. If possible, ask family or neighbours if you could use their bathroom during this time. If you’re getting the professionals in, you might be able to do so while you’re taking a holiday.

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What is your budget?

When setting your budget, always give yourself 20 percent each way for any unforeseen changes. This will ensure that your cash doesn’t run out before you’ve finished the project. If you’re working with a tight budget, think twice about picking up showroom ‘bargains’ for a couple of hundred pounds. Most of the time, the quality will be very low. Instead, look out for end-of-line sales, and don’t be afraid to haggle with the sales staff.

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As you can see, updating your bathroom is a large task that requires much planning. Before you rush into any decisions or purchases, sit down and consider these key areas. This way, you’re much more likely to end up with the bathroom that you’ve been dreaming of.

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