Things Your Wedding Invitation Card Says about You

Weddings can be as fun or as traditional as you please. It really is all down to personal preference. Every last finishing touch needs to be considered; the dresses, the bouquet even the table decorations need to match in terms of the couple’s taste and needs. Do you choose a church, a registry office or a grand reception hall to hold the ceremony?

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Wedding-invitation card designing

You need to be just as careful in your choice of wedding invitations as you are in choosing any other detail of the celebration. The wedding invitation card gives your guests their first impression of your wedding, so it needs to make an impression, to set the tone and to mark your wedding as being unique.

DIY Invitations

You can make your own invitations, but you will get better results if you use heavy card and a guillotine for cutting the card. Remember that most computer printers cannot handle 300g card, so you cannot print them.

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If you know someone who has all the equipment then work with them to design your dream wedding invitation. If you do not know anyone then you will either need to hand write all your invitations or have them made by a professional service.

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What Goes on the Invitation?

You need to consider your guests. Addressing the invitation correctly is very important. Consider your married guests; do they share the same surname? If not then they need to be mentioned individually on the card. If you are inviting a couple who live together, one invite is fine, but if they live apart then ideally they should receive an invitation each. Good etiquette is important.

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Card Design

Consider yourselves.

It is important to think of your guests but you must also think of you. It is your big day after all. If your wedding invitation is very formal, but you are not known as being a formal person, then your card will look out of place. Stay true to yourself when choosing your style.

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The font used is important. A fancy font is all very well but if it is hard to read then those with sight difficulties might not appreciate having to struggle to read it.

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The colors used on the invitation should be considered. The most popular card colors are white and cream, but if your wedding has a set color scheme you may want to co-ordinate your invitation too. Ink colors chosen should not be too dark, as too much contrast does not look good on invitations. Dark grey or brown fonts looks better than black in most designs.

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Some people have a ‘no kids’ rule for their wedding. This should be stated on the card, but be careful how to word it so as not to offend those with children. Offending your guests prior to the big day is not advisable.

Sending Out Invitations

Always make sure you have a few spare invitations. No matter how much planning you make there will always be one or two people that are forgotten, or who need an invite at short notice. Keeping spares cuts out the drama that could come from forgetting to invite someone. This is especially important when ordering from a stationery supplier because small top-up orders will cost you an arm and a leg.

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Remember to send the invites out early. This gives people plenty of time to make plans, rearrange their schedule and organize babysitters if they need to. Not all weddings are planned well in advance but even those couples who decide to get married at short notice should let their guests know as soon as possible. If you do not then you should not be offended if many of your guests cannot make it.

Careful planning and a little forethought will go a long way when choosing, writing and sending out your wedding invitations. That small piece of card may seem insignificant in the overall planning, but it is the first part of your big day and it sets the tone for your guests.

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