Greatest Threats & Hurdles to Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to persist despite odds over time. For a decade email has been the category responsible for generating the maximum ROI for marketers. If statistics were to be believed, for every $1 you spend, email would be generating $38 in terms of ROI. Email marketers get the broadest possible reach of all other channels at their disposal. Though the marketers are now having access to a host of tools, email marketing still continues to be their best bet for boosting business growth. However, even though email marketing seems to be thriving, it is constantly confronted with challenges. Here are some of the most notable enemies of email marketing endeavors.

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email marketing threads and hurdles

Email is being threatened from time to time with various challenges and the greatest of them all is the introduction and the growing success and popularity of, the email roll-up services. If you are already not aware, the concept is pretty simple. Users seek the help of for scanning their inbox and look for email subscriptions. The rollup services then come up with an elaborate list of all the regular emails. The users are then given three options to segregate the emails into basically three heads such as ‘Unsubscribe’, ‘Leave it as it is’ or ‘Roll up’. facilitates unsubscribing from emails. However, in reality, the emails are diverted toward a specific folder so that users would not be seeing them and hence, would not interact with them.

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Smart Mobile Website Builder for Smart Age is supposed to be the present leader in this field as it has fixed some previous bugs and has been re-launched and now boasts a clean User Interface.  They claim to have intercepted and stopped billions of emails. Their greatest catches have been reputable companies such as TicketWeb, Expedia, and 1-800-Flowers. However, they have also experienced around 55 percent unsubscribe rates.

Creative Lag

Technology may be providing you with excellent tools for stimulating re-targeting emails as per social, web, and in-store activity associated with targets; but there is absolutely no point of having such tools if there is a creative lag and you end up sending the same old message. Obviously, there would be a poor response. Consult a reputed bulk email services in Mumbai for effective solutions.

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No Quality Checks or Proofing

You must understand that email marketing is not always facing problems from external enemies. It is often disastrous for your business if emails are created by someone and sent without going through any quality checks or proof-reading.

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A Clumsy Database

It is necessary for email marketers to keep their databases regularly updated and squeaky clean. They have to ensure that there is no trashy information or wrong email IDs or typo in data that has been self-entered. Your database should be organized and accurate. If you fail to keep a properly structured and updated database you would end up wasting your resources and time.

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Absence of Scheduling Checks

More often than not, several individuals are working simultaneously on the same database. Due to the absence of any sound scheduling and due to lack of proper communication, you would end up sending multiple emails to the same recipient within minutes or maybe hours. This could really be a fruitless exercise.

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Inbox Intelligence

The greatest threat ever to email marketing could be inbox intelligence. As email successfully outpaces the capability of filtering it, some intelligent filtering in the form of inbox intelligence has come in. Gmail had already introduced filtering to pre-sort emails into one main inbox, promotions and social. Thus, it moved marketing messages further away from the audience. The intelligence could not care less about your sales objectives and as such your marketing emails can go for a toss.

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Automated filtering is not a new concept at all. We are aware how that could adversely affect email marketing. An errant algorithm or an unlucky coding choice could banish all marketing messages. So what is the role of an email marketer? The legitimate marketer has to be at the very forefront of active anti-spam endeavors. Though spam is really an irritation to most recipients, it could threaten the livelihood of someone who is dependent on email marketing. It is high time that legitimate email marketers start behaving in such a way that they could be easily differentiated from spammers. Irritating the audience could never be the key to sustainable success.