Time to Let that Galaxy S2 Go, the S4 is Here!

Did you give the Samsung Galaxy S3 a miss, in order to wait it out to see what the S4 was going to be like? Then you are like a lot of S2 owners out there, who are wondering, is now the time to upgrade, or is the new S4 more of an incremental improvement of the S3?

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The differences between the S2 & S3 were large in some ways, and small in others. Take for example, the camera. In the 2 devices, both the rear and front facing camera were almost identical. And this wasn’t a problem, as the camera was great in both devices. However, the S4 is packing a brand new camera, 13 megapixels of image snapping goodness. The front facing camera has only had a slight bump in megapixel count, but this is not so important, as it is plenty adequate for video or Skype calls.

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The form factor between the S2 & S3 was a major difference. Some say, the S3 was the first phone to be built by lawyers, as Samsung went to great lengths to make the shape of the phone different from the iPhone, after a huge lawsuit from Apple. They claimed the S2 looked too much like an iPhone, a case which Samsung lost in several countries. The S4 has continued the evolution of the shape, and the result is now a phone that sits better in your hand than the S3 did.

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If you are consider sell your Samsung Galaxy S2 in order to upgrade to the S4, you’ll want to know how the 2 phones compare in terms of screen size and raw power. Both phones have a Super AMOLED screen, but whereas the resolution of the S2 was 800 x 480 pixels, the S4 packs in an amazing 1980 X 1080, meaning this screen is in full HD. In terms of computing power, while the S2 had a dual core CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz & 1GB of RAM, the S4 has an amazing quad core CPU, clocked at 1.9 GHZ (there is also an Octa Core option, clocked at 1.6GHz), with 2 GB of RAM at its disposal. The S2 was no slouch in terms of computing power, but the Galaxy S4 is truly a beast, with power more akin to a laptop than a phone.

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The Galaxy S4 comes preloaded with the latest version of Android, Jellybean 4.2.2, so you can be sure that all the latest features are present on your device, out of the box. And the S4 has some exciting new features built in, like smart scroll, which scrolls pages based on your eye position, which the front facing camera picks up – very futuristic.

So, all in all, is it time to upgrade? Definitely. The S4 is less of an incremental update than the S3 was, and Samsung have ensured that with the features included, this phone has been future proofed, so it should last you for many years to come.