Quick Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

The official version of Windows8 has been released for some time. As this new Windows version has been changed too much comparing with other previous version of Windows, for many new Windows 8 users, they have to spend some time in getting used to it. Here you are provided with some practical tips and tricks for Windows 8 for your reference:

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Useful Tips and Tricks of Windows 8

1. Power off – Direct Method

In Windows 8 system, the start menu is replaced by the metro interface, and the shutdown button is also gone, but we can use the following methods to shut the computer down:

  1. Alt + F4: you can press the Alt + F4 under Windows interface and the power-off menu will pop up. Then you can simply shut computer here.
  2. Win + I: press Win + I key-combos to open the “Settings” interface, and then select the power button to shutdown or sleep, etc.

2. Power off – Create a Desktop Shortcut

Right click on the desktop, move your cursor on New option and then click on Shortcut.

To create a Shut down shortcut, you can type shutdown.exe -s -t 00 into the box and press Next button. Then you can give this shortcut a new name and click Finish to complete the process.

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To create a restart shortcut, you can enter shutdown.exe -r -t 00 into the box.

To exchange the shortcut icon, you can right click on the shortcut and choose Properties. Then you can change the shortcut icon in the Properties window.

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Clicking on the right button to create- Shortcuts, Shutdown – Input shutdown.exe-s-t 00, restart- enter shutdown.exe-r-t 00. You can change the display icon by clicking on the right button on shortcut properties

3. Power off- Add Shutdown Button on Metro Interface

In the above Guide 2, you have just created the shutdown shortcut. Then right click on it and select Pin to Start, then you can see this shutdown button in the Metro interface.

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4. Close Metro Apps

  1. In the opened Metro program, simply press the combination key Alt + F4, and the opened program will be closed at once.
  2. Moving the cursor over the top of the interface and when the cursor arrow changes to a “little hand”, drag it down to the bottom of the screen, and then let go of the mouse.

5.Multi-Task Switching

In Windows 8, switching tasks is very easy and convenient. Move the cursor to the left top of the screen and the thumbnails of the background prior apps will show up. You can simply click on it to switch the tasks. Also, you can slip the cursor down to show the complete thumbnails of the background running programs.

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6.Ubiquitous Search

There is no doubt that the Search Engine of Windows 8 is more powerful. You can just press the shortcut key to start a search. Plus, you are allowed to input any search content in the Metro interface to search.

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7. Charms Sidebar

Windows 8 introduced the Charms sidebar. This sidebar will pop up on the right side when you can move the cursor to the lower right corner and it can pop up the sidebar on the right side. You can also press the combination keys Win + C to achieve the same goal. Menus like date, time, search, share, settings etc. will display, which is very convenient for the users.

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8. Play DVD Movies

Windows 8 has removed the DVD playback function. However, there still exist some methods for you to watch DVD movies on your Windows 8 computer. One is install the open source VLC media player and watch movie DVDs with it. Another method is to use a DVD ripper to rip the DVD off DVD disc and then play the converted DVD movies on your Windows 8 computer.

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