Tips for Choosing Paint Colors for a Kid’s Room

Colors are one of the most important aspects of our homes, creating the major tone of our home’s atmosphere. It creates the emotional effects and shapes the future of a room with a simple touch-up.

Depending on the preferences of your kids, you might stick to the three primary colors, such as red, yellow and blue. Even if you stop your choices on these initial colors, you will still have a great deal of success. Combining them with white, black or wooden-looking, warm colors can complete a good combination. Red, white and blue are an excellent combination of colors which reminds us of classic French or American colors met in media and historical coats of arms, flags and more for example. It is important to decide on a theme before you start painting the room, as this can act as a guideline for your future plans.

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Choosing Paint Colors for a Kid's Room

The primary colors then give way to secondary colors, mixes of the first two. Orange, green and purple are another good choice you can work with. You should avoid doing anything without your kid expressing their opinion on the given color. After all – they will be the ones living in that room, so they should have a say as to what its colors should be.

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• Green and yellow is an interesting combination, reminding us of a lovely meadow. Adding a bit of orange here and there can create a really bright and positive environment.

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• Red, green and yellow is a garish combination which reminds us of the circus, tulips and other flowers. Combining these in creative ways will make a great environment for your child and their time spent indoors.

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• Blue and orange are a great combination for both boys and girls. It creates a wonderful contrast of colors capable of fitting any room, regardless of location as it brightens it up.

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• White and orange in combination with green can act soothing, as well as adding a bit of purple to the overall colors of your kid’s room. The purples can be added because of reasons such as creating a more interesting setting. Purple and golden elements create a more regal, knightly story for example. Lilac and green imitates a garden, while purple and pink are excellent for a girl’s room.

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Choosing Paint Colors for a Kid's Room3

Going further down the line we find the tertiary colors made from the mixture of primary and secondary colors. There are six varieties with different hues, such as yellow-green, red-orange, blue-green, yellow-orange, red-violet and blue-violet. Combining them with white for certain effects or dark for more contrast will give you an incredible amount of freedom to choose from. Here are some possible choices, though at this point your choices are huge in number:

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Choosing Paint Colors for a Kid's Room2

• Yellow and green (lime), purple and black
• Blue-green (turquoise, aqua), red-orange such as coral and yellow-orange
• Red, gray and blue-violet
• Red-violet, blue-violet, yellow-green
• Periwinkle (blue-violet), black or white and orange

The more your child grows, the more their tastes will vary and change as time goes by. Consider this as you choose your colors for future coats of paint.

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