Relevant Tips for Designing an Eye Grabbing Contact Page

There are many sites for which contact page garners more views than all other pages. Particularly in business specific websites that depend heavily on contact page for being in touch with their customers and affiliates, that is the case. But there are too many websites that simply offer contact page as an afterthought or just to maintain the convention. Failing to see contact page as a platform to begin the relationship with potential customers, naturally translates into decreased conversion.

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tips for designing contact page

Let us offer here some of the best practices and guiding tips for contact page design.

Best Design Practices to Remember

Obviously some practices in designing contact page stand out as factors for pushing ahead the success metrics for too many business websites. Many business websites who heavily depend upon their contact page have the following design attributes in common. Let us have a quick look at them.

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Meeting expectations of users: Remember, most of the seasoned web users hate filling contact forms, first of all because they take away some time, secondly they are boring and lastly, just providing a real email address they feel themselves more vulnerable to potential spammers. So stick to the absolute essentials rather than making them fill a long form. That enhances your chances.

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Keep the contact form simple: Avoid asking them for too many information at the first time and through auto fill-up and shorter forms or by introducing predictive text help them get through easily.

Make it look attractive: You make your visitors stay there and look at the page just on the virtue of looking attractive showing a personality of the company. Creating a first good impression is the key to get users spend a few seconds and decide to go through it.

Mailing Directions & Local Maps

Remember, company’s physical location is important as it plays a crucial role in business dealings and building relationship. Prospects and interested clients may feel it required to know where the business and it’s headquarter is located. The address is also important for numerous business dealings and communication like mailing invoices, sending cheques, or just all the things that are generally delivered through post. So offering them the actual physical address is more than crucial.

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But how can you best guide them to know your address? An embedded map in this respect can just be ideal tool as it provides a visual address. Custom embed feature in Google Maps works great for providing a fully functioning and interactive map right inside the contact page. Besides providing an embedded map, also consider offering them a view of your business premise with custom photograph. Besides these, if you have several locations and offices, make them view all of the locations with map pins and respective address.

Offering Accessibility

Many of us have experiences such situations where even after adding a new product to the cart the ecommerce website does not allow us to fill the payment information and contact details. It happens particularly to new arrivals in many online stores. Result is obviously frustration for the user. So even though the brand is powerful and is perfect for your use, you need to go elsewhere in search of a similar product or just hop on the stores. Users facing such checkout system and payment processing problems can altogether skip such online stores.

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A link to the contact page one must be provided at all cost either in the primary navigation or in the footer. Sometimes, websites designed poorly are seen to have this problem. But in complete contrast, a vast majority of ecommerce websites provide templates with contact form buttons and that is one good approach to make the contact page accessible to the clients at all times. Providing a contact for in the side bar is also one good way to avoid people needing to leave the page.

Linking Social Platforms

Hardly there would be anyone among your prospects and customers who did not hear about social media. Do you think for making your business more credible for the customers so called search engine results is still the most influencing factor? Actually, quite contrary is the case. According to recent studies, social media posts and reviews have more influence than so called website blogs and articles in garnering popularity and influencing buying decisions. Social media in a site is best linked in a contact page as it offers a personality to the page. Moreover, social profiles offer useful methods to contact company alternatively besides e-mail and phone. It is always better to offer diverse contact methods for the visitor to decide. Lastly, always provide large and prominent social icon buttons rather than just leaving them like a scramble of colorful dots and patches.

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Ensure Loading Speed and Mobile Friendliness

It is already an established fact that a website that takes too much time to load is more likely to be avoided by majority of users. Ensuring optimum page loading speed across devices including increasing instances of mobile access you can boost usability for the respective contact page. As the number of users visiting websites through mobile devices is already leaving behind the same for the desktop, designing responsive website is now a necessity. Moreover, mobile friendly responsive design would make the contact page easier for navigation and intuitive.

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Using Only Relevant Fields

Filling out a long form is irrevocably annoying for most of us and naturally, we tend to avoid any such long forms in most cases. So, a long form amounts to being skipped by majority of users. On the other hand contact form with only easy to fill up and relevant fields can make a smooth experience and can garner more attention and actions from the users. Common and most relevant fields include mainly Name, Email Address and Message.

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In letting visitors putting their message in the message box, make sure that the space is scalable, so that they can write more if they feel and can see their text. Secondly, the contact page must contain your address and contact information in a detailed manner accompanying a Google Map or Google Virtual Tour.

Using Images of Team Members to Bring Trust

Contact form asks people about their personal information and most people do not feel to provide it unless they feel it trustworthy. A contact page with just fields of information looks blank and holds no clue to the trustworthiness or any impressive elements regarding the website or company.  So, letting them know the people they are sharing their personal information with can be a great way to fill this absence of connection and install trust in the process. After all, the website is not robot-run and you need to create a humanely feel of it. To make this humanely feel and connection on your contact page insert images of team members, a bit of information from the team members like some social media pages and a few personal email addresses.

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