Classy Renovation Tips for Revamping Your Bedroom

The bedroom: it’s where we spend most of our time and the room in which we wake up and go to sleep every single day. Because of this, it’s important to decorate and recreate your bedroom interior in a manner that’s eye-pleasing and relaxing at the same time. If you’re seeking a certain sort of elegance for this very important room, you’re in luck. Here, we will list a few of best ways and tips for revamping your bedroom to have a sense of style and class.

Designer Headboards

Since your bed is going to be the primary focus, you should spend a bit of time moulding its look and design. The headboard is a major component of the bed and can add a level of class that other additions can’t. Thus, you should keep a lookout for an elegant design of headboard to suit your queen or king bed. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives available so you can choose a style which suits your sense of taste and fits in with your current furniture.

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* Carved timber

* Metal scrollwork

* Linear steel sheets

* Patterned upholstery

* Bookcases or shelves

You’ll have to work out whether you want a wall-mounted headboard or one that’s actually attached to your bed. Just have a look at the space requirements as well as the overall look you’re aiming for. Check out great ideas for bedroom furniture.

Bright & Neutral Colours

When it comes to the other pieces of furniture in the room and the paint job on the wall, a classy suggestion is to include some bright, primary tones among the neutral colours that dominate the design. This will highlight certain features in your bedroom while maintaining a soothing, elegant interior. Before you finalise any revamping plans with luxury interior designers such as Touched Interiors, find out which colour combinations suit the overall impression you want to make. Since you’re aiming for something classy, you’ll need tones that simply scream out wealth, fine living and high society. Go for bedroom makeover with 2014 colors to get a fresh look.

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Light, Shade & Reflection

A well designed bedroom will always have plenty of light, subtly playing with shadows so that the general look remains interesting and classic at the same time. When dreaming up your new interior design, think about the following:

* At what time light streams through your windows

* How curtains will affect this positively or negatively

* Which areas are left in shadow during the daytime

* How a mirror or reflective surface can be used

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By scattering light around the room with a careful placement of metal ornaments or fixtures, you can create a magical scene during certain times of the day. Of course, be careful you don’t inadvertently blind yourself while doing so!

Bed Covers & Cushions

Our last tip to create a truly elegant bedroom is to choose your sheets and cushions wisely. Bed covers should be purchased to match with your bedroom theme, complementing fixtures such as the headboard and the other pieces of furniture in the room. We recommend choosing simple patterns here too, especially since you’re aiming for a high class look. Anything too intricate will be distracting and may clash with the other additions you’ve placed within your home interiors. If you want to put extra cushions on your bed, again you should make sure their covers also match so the complete picture is one of harmony and fine taste.

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This should give you a good idea about what you can do when revamping your home’s current bedroom design. With a little creativity and imagination, you’ll be able to enhance the place you go to sleep and wake up in each day, producing a truly classic setting.

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Touched Interiors, a leader in providing luxury designer furniture. Details about their products and services can be found on A company that can create beautiful pieces according to a client’s exact specifications.