Top 10 Tips for Wedding Photography

Weddings often carry a magical aura and allure, which naturally, transcend into every single aspect that forms the whole ceremony. However, making precise organization of this cherished event to ensure everything will be executed flawlessly can be quite a daunting task.

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If you might be a wedding photographer you could already have comprehended how tasking it can be to capture those sacred moments in the lives of the bride and the groom. There are nevertheless, certain tips for wedding photography that might make your job less hectic and more fulfilling.

tips for wedding photographers
1. Insist on Seeing the Couple Prior to the Actual Wedding

By doing this you can allow the couple to elaborate about just what they expect you to do, which shots to take and which ones to not to. You can also avail yourself of this opportunity to state your particular requirements, should they be related to your equipment, or even the general wedding arrangements.

2. Try to Comprehend What the Couple Wants

This happens to be an extremely crucial component of wedding photography, and presents one of the most common problems wedding photographers face. Nothing is so discouraging like having to listen to the harangues of a bitter bride complaining you didn’t include a particular shot in the wedding.

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One of the most excellent ways to avoid this is taking time to see them before the wedding and getting a specific shoot list, they want. You can also bring along your portfolio and let them select what they feel is right for their wedding.

3. Utilize Longer Shooting Lenses

This is one of the top tips for wedding photographers that are underrated. Some couples might not be comfortable with your ubiquitous presence during the wedding, which can wreck the atmosphere of such functions. If this is the case with you, opting for longer lenses can be heaven-sent, and can permit you to keep your distance from them.

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4. Use Positive Exposure Compensation

Most wedding dresses are dazzling white, and due to several factors can at times appear gray on a photograph. By using positive exposure compensation, you can get rid of this problem.

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5. Enlist the Help of an Assistant

Depending on the scale of the wedding, hiring a second shooter can be a marvelous idea. When it’s all said and done, you can never be at two different spots simultaneously, and getting such help can ensure you make a comprehensive album. You will also be assured of an extra set of equipment, should anything go wrong.

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6. Carry Extra Batteries

One set of batteries can hardly be relied upon to last throughout an entire wedding, and running out of juice while about to take an important shot, can be the worst nightmare for any photographer. It, is thus, critical to always have on your person extra sets of batteries.

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7. Keep Yourself Inconspicuous

Most couples about to be married prefer hiring a professional and amiable wedding photographer that can effortlessly blend with the crowd, and at times be invisible when it’s necessary. This is particularly true during the actual ceremony or even during the toast.

8. Be a Stickler for Detail

There are very many vital parts of any wedding and by taking time to compile an accurate chronology of events can be useful. This includes taking a close up of the cake, the exchange of rings and many others.

9. Take Landscape Shots of the Wedding Venue

Most wedding couples choose the venue since they have always appreciated its advantage or are extremely fond of it. Whichever is the case, providing good shots of such a place can be the most excellent way to start a wedding album.

10. Capture Those Magical Unexpected Moments

It helps to be always on the lookout for those perfect unveiled moments that can make the difference between an amateur and professional photographer.

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