Tips for Improving Your Website Design

The design of a website plays a very important role. It needs to be visually engaging as well as being easy to navigate. When you are in the process of designing your site, you need to think carefully about your colour schemes, the layout of your copy and the images that you intend to place on your main pages.

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If you manage to get the balance right, you will find that viewers or potential customers will stay on the website longer, improving the chance of a sale or interest in a service. You can either hire a professional website designer to make your site or you can create a website online with SiteZulu, google sites or other similar quality template specialists.

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There are a few basic rules to website design that will make them more appealing to your target audience, as well as making them easier to navigate and understand.

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If you follow these simple tips for improving the website design, you will find that your new website will attract more traffic and keep viewer’s attention for longer periods.

1. Logos

One of the first things that you need to think about is your logo. It needs to be well designed and have an eye-catching quality to it. A high-resolution image of your logo can then be placed onto your site pages. Generally these are located at the top left corner and they can also be used as a secondary form of navigation. You must follow the best logo design principles to design a perfect one for your brand.

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2. Intuitive Navigation

It’s important that your new website is easy to navigate. Intuitive navigation means that the navigation bars are simply laid out in such a way that using them is easy and straightforward. A good way to achieve this is to place your navigation bar on the left hand side of your site, where it’s clearly visible.

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3.  Avoid Clutter

Avoid cluttering your website with too many images or animated gifs. Your customers need to focus on your message and do not need to be distracted by too much clutter. Also try to keep your copy clear without overloading the viewer with too many options. You must see the great ecommerce web designs with no clutter at all.

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4. Photography

Unless you are a talented professional photographer yourself, don’t use your own images on your website. Poor quality images really make a service or product look cheap and dull, so remember to invest in the services of a good professional photographer.

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5. Colour Coordination

Always choose the web design colour schemes wisely. Many professional designers agree that neutral colours give a site a more clean and elegant look, whereas bold colour schemes can at times be a bit overwhelming. Your colour scheme also needs to compliment your logo, which is very important. If you use subtle colours as your main colour scheme, you can also add dashes of bright colour to help guide your visitors.

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web design color-scheme6. Responsive Design

It is always a good idea to use a responsive website design. This means that the formats will change for viewing on handheld devices. If you use standard design only, viewing on smartphones and small tablets may not be of the best quality.

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7. Your Buttons

Pay close attention to the design and layout of your buttons. A well designed and strategically placed button will be more likely pressed than shoddy poorly placed ones. Subtle colour changes also make a nice touch with fading fonts always going down well.

To create a good business website, you need to carefully think about your design plan. It needs to be clear, attractive as well as being easy to use for your customers. If you get the balance correct, people will stay on the site longer which increases the chances of a sale.

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for SiteZulu, a company in Australia that was founded by a group of university friends. To create a website online with SiteZulu, visit their website or contact a representative.