8 Useful Tips to Make Your Own Business Card [Infographic]

There’s an old saying that goes, “Not everything that’s permissible is beneficial.” It means you can do anything—but not all the things you want to do are good for you.

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That’s especially true when it comes to business card design. It’s easy to choose a template or order a bunch of cheap, mass–produced cards—and you’re certainly allowed to do that. But it won’t benefit you nearly as much as creating an original card for yourself.

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Custom business cards are a necessity for any professional because of the positive messages they send to potential clients, business partners, and employers. They tell people that you’re creative and trustworthy—after all, anyone who goes the extra mile to create a one-of-a-kind business card will likely to go the extra mile for their company.

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The first step to creating your new card? Use the guide below to walk through the design process and learn what customization options are available. (Remember: while it’s fun to experiment with different design elements, it’s best to choose those that are relevant to your business.)

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Then, it’s time to hire a professional to help you through the production process—like the maker of this graphic, Company Folders. You can view custom business card design examples and visit their site for more info on their design services.

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