Tips for Making Your Front Door More Inviting

Psychologically speaking your front door, besides being a barrier from the outside, is in effect, a welcoming gesture for the world.

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It is in one simple glance, a poster for everything and everyone that is inside, so making sure that your front door (or primary door if you happen to use the one at the back) is in top knick is important.

But How?

Look beyond the door

Of course, having a welcoming front door is great, but this appeal can be instantly lost if the hallway beyond it isn’t up to scratch.

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We make impressions within seconds, so make sure that your hallway is neat and tidy for any prospective guests that might just decide to pop by.

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A simple shoe rack and a coat hanger will de-clutter the usual culprits from messing up your otherwise lovely home.

Simplicity is key

Though sometimes grand and elaborate design works perfectly well, unless you’re expecting the Queen of England, simplicity is often the way to go.

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This philosophy will work especially well for a home that happens to be large both in size and height, with snow white or French white columns often found to be quite popular decorative elements.

Though don’t be afraid to show what you’ve got if you have it

If you happen to have a fantastic centrepiece for your door, or some item that can make your porch all the more appealing, then go ahead and disregard the rule of simplicity.

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For those who happen to own French doors in fact, sprucing up both your interior and exterior is a fantastic opportunity to welcome your guests into the home.

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Allow a little bit of nature to give you a hand

If you happen to have vines around your door, or you home is fantastically rustic, then placing a few plants and objects made of natural material will work beautifully for an entrance.

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Also, if this rustic theme also applies to the interior of your home, then there’s nothing wrong with installing a thick wooden door for your home.

It may be rustic, but keep it maintained

Though rustic sensibilities are highly popular these days, with everyday items from the past being cleaned, reworked and made anew, there is of course a difference between using something that is old, and using something that is in disrepair.

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Keeping your door and porch area in working order is imperative for a good impression to guests. At the end of the day however, your door may just need a quick lick of paint or a new door handle to get it back to standard. Here is a quick guide showing just how you can do the latter.