Tips to Choose Curtains for Your Home

You have finally done it and bought a new home. Whether you have moved to a new home you will need to think about how you are going to dress those windows!

It could be a case of just putting up some curtains or you may want to look at how you dress certain windows in the home can help you with issues like temperature and darkness.

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If we start with the bedrooms, whether you have children or not, you may want to invest in a blackout dressing in order to keep the bedroom dark, even in the lighter summer evenings. Blackout blinds or roller blinds are usually a safe bet as you can choose a neutral colour then have a patterned or alternatively coloured curtain. If it is for a children’s room then remember the safety aspect and ensure you trim the cords so they are not dangling and reachable to little hands. Also available are blackout curtains which may be a better idea for a child’s room. It is an idea to shop around, not only for price but for the variety of colours and patterns that are available.

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Using roller blinds in other rooms are also an idea as they can help insulate the room and keep it warmer in the colder months as well as cooler in the warmer ones. Blinds come in a variety of choices these days, from the plain to the bold and beautiful therefore you can use these to make a feature in your rooms and decorate round that. There are companies out there that can personalise blinds to put personal pictures on them, which can be a nice touch for a children’s room or a study. Pairing these up with voile or fabric curtains can help you transform your windows and your rooms.

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Blinds are also a nice touch when it comes to dressing windows. If you have a room that gets bathed in sunshine during the day, blinds can be tilted to stem the light coming in without plunging the room into total darkness. The two most popular types of blinds available are venetian and vertical but which would suit you best?

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Vertical blinds have wide slats which hang vertically from a track. They can open from the centre or from the side and the slats can also be rotated to allow different degrees of light to come in. This type of blind suits large or tall windows and also windows that open from side to side. They come in a wide range of colours and materials and do not gather dirt or dust easily.

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Venetian blinds have thin horizontal slats that hang down on top of each other in a ladder type system. They can also rotate to vary the light coming in and can be pulled up by a cord to reveal the entire window. These blinds suit smaller or tall, thin windows. They are usually inexpensive and easily cleaned. They also come in a wide range of colours and textures.

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Dressing your window can either be the starting point of your room decoration or the finishing touch, if you take some time to investigate what could be the best option for your room you could really have a lovely feature on your hands.

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