22+ Tips to Create Powerpoint Presentations Professionally

PowerPoint designers are becoming a much more popular choice among today’s business leaders. The corporate world is a highly competitive place. It’s one where companies and their stock can live and die by the margins in a single quarter. With this much pressure pushing every deal, many companies have started to realize that they need to up their game when it comes time to get that big sales pitch.

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This is where professional PowerPoint design has come in so handy. PowerPoint seems intuitive, and it’s something that most kids learned to do in school. There is a far distance between doing a PowerPoint presentation and doing one right, however. This has produced a need in the corporate marketplace for professionals who understand how to turn a would-be mundane presentation into something effective.

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Professional designers recognize the power of persuasion. A good presentation has the ability to hold the attention of the audience. More than that, it has the capacity to communicate something meaningful in a condensed space, making use of all of the different tools that PowerPoint has to offer. Some of those tools are outside of the reach of a layperson. They are, however, well within the skill set of a professional designer.

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Business leaders today seem to have figured things out. They no longer leave their success to chance when it comes time to give that presentation. Rather, they summon the assistance of professional design companies that know how to get the most out of Microsoft’s PowerPoint program.

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But for those who want to do this creativity themselves at the moment, powerpoint presentation tips are required. Below we are going to share 22+ Tips to Create Powerpoint Presentations in a best possible way. Let’s have a look to implement them in your next powerpoint presentation.

Use a Simple & Natural Style

Simpler is better! Remember this rule and you can rest assured that your presentations will be visually appealing & easy to understand. Use simpler colors, and try to imagine the entire picture of your presentation, not just a single slide. Take your time to prepare the default PowerPoint Slide canvas for every project, and only then start inserting the actual content.

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Do Experiments with Settings and Choices

Microsoft has tried way too hard to automate the process of creating a PowerPoint presentation, and there are many things that you wouldn’t want to use. For example, avoid using the default PPT Action Sounds. Another important thing that PowerPoint does without permission is to automatically create bullet lists. However, think about if you actually need a specific list bulleted? The latest PowerPoint presentation automatically applies a slight shadow to shapes & forms, but you might want to remove it if it doesn’t suit your theme. Don’t hesitate to try out different fonts too – the default Cambria and Calibri ones aren’t bad, but sometimes it’s better to be a bit different.

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Embed Your Fonts in the Project

Presenters often have problems with the fonts they use. Sometimes, the same font looks different on another computer or device, so you might want to prevent this minor issue. In order to do so, you need to embed the fonts you use in your project, so this way you won’t experience any technical difficulties when you move your project to another computer.

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Save Slides in a JPEG Format

If you can’t embed your fonts in the project, then there is a way to get around this problem. In order to avoid any differences when transferring your project from one computer to another, you can save every slider of your presentation as a JPEG file, and then import it back into the slide. This way, your presentation will look exactly as it looks at the moment, meaningless if it is presented on another computer or not.

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Don’t Forget to Embed Multimedia

The latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint give users the ability to directly embed multimedia in their presentations. This means that you don’t have to show your audio and video files in a separate window – you can play them directly in your presentations, but only if you embed them.

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Use Your Own Hardware Whenever You Can

Even if you take all necessary steps described above, you may still notice some differences when you show one presentation on different computers. These minor differences come from the operating system, PowerPoint version, other software, etc. You can avoid this by using a portable computer to create & present the presentation.

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Take Advantage of Presenter View

Presenter View is a great new mode included in PowerPoint. Thanks to it, you can show-off your presentation in a distraction-free environment that will give your entire project a more professional and visually appealing look. It will also help you present your project in a more natural way.

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Use Format Menus

Format Menus are incredibly important if you want to create a great-looking presentation. Utilize the “Format” option in order to be able to carefully configure & arrange every shape, text and visual element included in your presentation.

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Use PowerPoint Shapes

The pre-made shapes in PowerPoint have improved a lot in the past couple of versions of Microsoft’s software suite. We strongly advise using the pre-made shapes, because they look great, and thanks to their flexibility you can customize them in any way you want. In our opinion, many of PowerPoint’s shapes look better than custom ones made with professional image editing applications.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Customize Shapes

When you insert one of PowerPoint’s shapes you can right click on it and select “Edit Points” in order to customize it. This way you can completely customize every shape, change its dimensions, style and much more. Use your imagination, and the results will certainly be great.

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Don’t Use Too Many Animations

Animated transitions and builds can work great, but don’t use too many of them. If you use too many animated effects and other visual effects, then the final result might be a bit too cluttered for the preferences of most people. Remember the first part of this post – simpler is better!

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Use HD Graphics

High quality graphics will significantly improve the quality of your presentation. Using low resolution photos and visual elements won’t do any good, so take your time and try to find the right photographs and visual elements. We guarantee that the extra time you spend searching will pay off in the end.

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Use Charts

Depending on the type of presentation you are preparing, you may want to include charts in some of your slides. However, make sure to use the right types of charts- pie charts, horizontal and vertical bar charts, line charts – choose wisely.

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Turn Your Presentation in a Story

Every good story consists of several parts – an introduction, a middle part that presents the vital parts of your project, and the conclusion which sums up everything and preferably interacts with the audience. Create a cool story in order to keep the interest of your audience, and to make sure that they will pay attention at all times. It is highly recommended to write a script that goes along with your presentation – this will make it much easier to present your project in a proper way.

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Less Content, More Information

Often less is actually more. This may sound weird, but it is entirely true when it comes to PowerPoint presentations. If you try to tell everything through your presentation, you’ll end up including way too much text, images, slides and transitions. Instead of doing this big mistake, you should try to present the most important aspects of your project in a way that will grab the attention of the audience. Less images, text, paragraphs and slides will leave a better impression, and will be easier to remember and analyze.

Take Advantage of Your Brand

If you are presenting a product or service, or your business plan, then you should try to brand your presentation. In order to do this, you have to use the same layouts colors, visual elements, fonts and styles that are found on your website too. This way you’ll look more professional, and you’ll leave a better impression in the eyes of the audience.

Let the Audience Rest

Many experts are in the opinion that the perfect length of a presentation is under 20 minutes. This is the amount of time during which your audience will be focused and will quickly understand everything you throw at them. However, if you need more time, then we advise you to make a break after 15 or 20 minutes – this way your audience will take a rest, and they’ll come back fresh for the rest of your presentation.

Rehearsal Is the Key to Success

No matter how well-prepared and great-looking your presentation is, if you didn’t take enough time to practice. Meaningless if you are a good speaker or not, rehearsal will help you perform better when you have to present your project. Try to remember the text in order to look at the audience, not at your notes. Focus on the key aspects of the presentation, and use your voice to increase the impact of your presentation.

Don’t Clutter the Screen

Okay, presentations can be quite lengthy, so it takes some planning in order to make them perfect. The best tip we can give you is to talk about one topic at a time – reveal bullet points over a period of time in order to keep the attention of your audience on just one topic. Cover the screen with 4-5 bullets that concern different topics, and you might end up confusing many people.

Be Careful With Images

There are many opinions regarding the use of images. Some people think that less images will help the audience focus on the content, while others are in the opinion that more images will quickly grab the attention of everyone. The truth is that there isn’t a perfect formula – some presentations require the use of more images, while others will do fine with just 2-3 pictures. Our opinion is that using less images is better.

Try to Create & Use a Hook

The hook is one of the most important tools of every presenter. If you can come up with something intriguing and interesting to start your presentation, then it is very likely that you’ll be able to further improve the focus of your audience. A great hook will even play with their emotions, and can have a huge impact on their overall opinion regarding your presentation.

Interact With Your Audience

Questions, interaction, even games – all of these methods will help you achieve better results. Asking your audience a question will lead to more interest and growing curiosity, which you’ll certainly appreciate when you finish the presentation.

Don’t be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

Trying out something different or even breaking the rules – these are things that you shouldn’t be scared of. As you gain more experience as a presenter, you’ll start coming up with better and better ideas about your future projects. However, in order to keep improving your presentations you may have to break some of the rules listed above. Never be afraid to break the rules, because sometimes thinking outside the box can lead to even greater results.