Title Tag Tips to Get Better CTR

Ultimate Title Tag Tips: Get the Highest CTR on SERP So you ranked, congratulations! But are you getting the expected number of clicks? If not, read on for a solution to your problems. Ranking is primarily search engines pushing you to the top while clicking is a human choice. Unless you stand our with really great headlines, others will have your visitors. Here are 5 tips to capture the highest CTR once you have ranked on SERP.

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Title Tag Tips

1. Understanding the Basics

Don’t ever try to mislead. If you are selling something that is almost free, take care to include the word ‘almost’ in your title. If you mislead people, you will put them off, and the high bounce rate will bring you down from whatever rank you had acquired.

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Write for the average human being unless you are trying to sell to academicians. Too much creativity can hurt, as does too much of a show of education while choosing your words.

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Make sure your headline is specific and clear about what your content offers. You may not be misleading, but if you are too mysterious, the wrong people could click on your link and the bounce rate would still be high.

2. Where are the Keywords Gone?

Don’t worry, they still rule. Only, the density has changed. If you ranked in the first place, then you must have done something right, so we are not going to worry overmuch about that. Just make sure your title and content together do not scream ‘KEYWORD” in Google’s face, that’s all. It might help to think of variations if you already have enough repetitions of your main keyword(s).

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3. Does Length Matter?

Actually, no. However, succinctness does. A title that is precise and specific may not need to use too many words or a passive form. Look at our title; the tag might have read “How to Get the…”. The ‘How to’ formula works, but we have already used the ‘Ultimate’ word, so no point in diluting the emphasis. A more action oriented ‘Get it now!’ kind of approach seemed more appropriate. We debated upon adding ‘in 2013’ but decided against it since it is almost year end. And we did not want to write ‘2014’ because that would be dishonest: we haven’t really researched on projections, but are dealing with tried and tested (ultimate) tips.

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Having said that, if your title needs a lot of words to sound good and look good, then so be it. After all, the objective is CTR, not writing a short title. Just make sure you keep in mind the number of characters Google will allow before you are truncated.

4. The Companion Tip

A good title is nothing without an equally good meta description. It explains your title while still remaining a teaser for the SERP audience. If you don’t write a good meta description, Google will create one for you, out of the part of your content that it considers most relevant – which may not best compliment your title at all. So put equal emphasis on both the title and the meta while you are at it.

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5. Types of Titles

This constitutes an entire area of expertise by itself, and you should do a bit of research on writing effective headlines before you get down to writing any. But we do have a few pointers to get you going – which, mind you, are by no means all of what you are going to need.

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Consider your audience – what do they need? And what do they want? The need and the want are two different things. They may need a solution to a problem, but most often, what they want is an EASY solution that can be understood in a few steps and which gives a permanent result. Sometimes, they also want to get to it before anyone else does. They love things that are intriguing – because that’s human nature (cats aren’t the only curious creatures, you know) and they love to be able to find out and eliminate the source of possible problems.

Title Examples & Facts

‘5 Tips on Writing Headlines Your SEO Expert Will Not Tell You About’ (Of course they will not – they have a living to make!)

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‘Avoid These 3 Things While Writing Headlines or Lose Your Rank on SERP’ (Scare tactics, intriguing and a long title too – remember what we said earlier?)

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‘Get These Incredible Title Writing Tips Before Your Competitors Do’ (Lame – but we always fall for this, don’t we?)

‘Use These 3 Tips on Writing Headlines and Don’t Ever Worry About CTR Again’ (Permanent solution)

‘4 Common Reasons Why Headlines Fail – and How to Get Rid of Them Today’ (Suspense plus easy and instant solution).

Each of these examples could work. That we preferred a less dramatic one is a different issue, altogether. Get your research done and then start writing those headlines. You’ll soon discover what is best suited to your temperament and your content type. And there should be no looking back when you do!

Ethan Hampton is team member at CJ Pony Parts. He takes keen interest in Writing on SEO, lead generation, social media and also on various topics of onpage and offpage optimization techniques.