Tools for Making Videos Compatible with iPad and iPhone

Making video formats compatible with iPad and iPhone is one of the most challenging tasks performed by any reputed Android app development company these days. The present- day technology oriented world has witnessed a change in the modes of entertainment as well. Consequently, videos are one of the most popular and preferred sources of entertainment and people, in general, have an inclination towards watching videos, especially those that are based on their choicest subject. Videos, today, are watched for gathering information, getting entertained along with interacting with higher level of effectiveness. The prominent platforms usually come in the form of YouTube, MetaCafe and DailyMotion. Check out top video hosting sites in detail.

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Now, these video platforms have so far been dependent on flash player to offer high quality videos to the clients. With the advent of the HTML 5 and the increase in the use of Apple iPhone and iPad, there is a complete change in the scenario. Although iPhone and iPad do not support flash, the modern day browsers such as MP4, WebM and Ogg can definitely play the flash based videos by converting these into the supported formats such as MP4, WebM and Ogg, thanks to HTML 5. See how to convert photos into videos?

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It is by virtue of the H.264 video code that the MP4 videos can be played on iPad and iPhone. The .m4v, .mov, and .avi formats are also supported. Having said that, the process of playing or converting the different video formats to the one that is supported by the web browsers, iPhone and iPad, turns out to be a matter of discussion. Here is an overview of the essential tools for making videos compatible with ipad and iphone:

Any Video Converter Pro

This comes as a paid tool for converting video formats, which also allows users to download YouTube videos while also editing and burning them into DVDs as required. Two versions for Windows and Mac OSX respectively are also made available. Any Video Converter Pro enables conversion of videos in formats such as WebM and Ogg. At the same time, with this, you can not only edit your videos but also add subtitles to the output video.

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Free Video Converter

The Free Video Converter is absolutely free. This, in no way, reduces its effectiveness as a converter and it can actually convert more than 200 video formats into one that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Websites. Prompt accomplishment of task, consumption of much less CPU usage and conversion of online videos to the desired formats adds to the appeal of the Free Video Converter. It also offers users with an in-built editor enabling them to rotate, join, cut, adjust and limit the size of the video as per the ratio.

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Aura DVD Ripper

Undoubtedly one among the most widely preferred video converter tools; it supports 27 different video formats and converts them into 24 varying formats, compatible with iPhone and iPad as well. These files, in turn, can be played on a range of Smartphones and media players. Perhaps the only drawback of the Aura DVD player is that it works only on the Windows platform.

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CUDA Video Converter

It is the most powerful video format conversion tool with the capacity of taking input in more than 300 formats and converting them for any device, based on specific requirements. Even an SD video can be converted to the HD version. The tools come with a user-friendly interface and refined look. Using this tool also helps you edit the videos in any manner.

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Miro Video Converter

Being an open source video converter, Miro Video Converter can handle and convert any video format to that of the MP4, Ogg, Theora and the WebM formats. MVC also provides the opportunity to customize the size of the video while converting it into formats that are supported by iPhone, iPad and Android. The converter supports a range of Smartphones, manufactured by Motorola, HTC and Samsung. One can also download the Miro Video player and play any video format file with it. MVC is compatible with Linux Source, Mac OSX and Windows too.

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A recognized android app development company makes use of the above- mentioned tools in converting videos and offering the best- possible outcome to the clients. So, consider using these tools and playing videos on your iPhone and iPad.

This Guest Post is written by Aditi Datta. She is a Professional app developer and a blogger. She maintains a tech-info related blog and loves to provide effective tips and tricks on android apps and technology related ideas through her researched works.