Top 10 AngularJs Mistakes Beginner Should Avoid

Everyone knows that AngularJS is used for managing displayed data. It is considered to be an impressive form of JavaScript framework, currently used in this industry. Its primary purpose is to elucidate the web develop for making it apt for smaller prototyping applications. Furthermore, the same framework is used as a major base point in developing single page applications. That will present you with a sophisticated form of user experience. So, for creating a scalable application, nothing can work better than AngularJS. However, developers, especially novices do have a record of making some common mistakes, while working onAngularJS.

Learning about top 10 mistakes

Even though the list has many mistakes, but it’s hard to mention all of them. Therefore, listed below, are top 10 major mistakes, which novices generally make, while working on AngularJS framework.

Accessing Scope through DOM

Some optimization tweaks are used for production, among which disabling debug information forms an integral one. DOM might allow scope access through DOM nodes. If you want to try it through JavaScript console, you can always select DOM element and pass it through the Angular element. Even if you are not trying to use Jquery, this becomes quite useful. However, you are not allowed to use it outside the console.

Not Using the Available Tools

Most of the developers are currently unable to use the tools, already available. You are bound to use the tools available here, to run the program smoothly. Through these tools, the developer can easily work with exceptional development strings and get to find errors quickly. Sometimes, the errors are mostly printed on console log. Here, you will come across all valid information relating to the troubleshooting process. So, better check console output before proceeding further.

Declaring Notes through Anonymous Functions

It is quite easy to manipulate objects or functions when assigned to certain variable. This seems to keep the code tidy and easy to follow. You can even get to split the codes into separate files, and maintain them when needed. This test is meant for testability.

Avoid using Dot in the framework

Not using DOT in NG-model means you are working on it all wrong. Well, this statement is especially true while working on inheritance. Scopes always comprise of prototypal inheritance model. It is somewhat common to JavaScript. Some directives would create child scopes. Whenever trying to resolve any model, you should start with current scope and work your way towards parent scope. Your main intention is to reach $rootScope.

Forget to Use MVC Directory

If you compare with Backbone.js, MVC directory model cannot be defined as a framework. People have a common practice of combining files when working with MVC. It looks like expected layout. At the end, when the application starts to scale it causes various folders to open automatically. You are bound to waste a lot of time while scrolling through Sublime, Visual Studio or Vim. So, this directory framework makes the work a whole lot easier.

Avoiding the Usage of $applyAsync

There is no such polling mechanism to call $digest. So, it is executed as per the existing directives. With the help of $applyAsync, you can easily delay the resolution procedure of expressions, until the next cycle comes. There are two ways to use $applyAsync; one is automatic, and another one is done manually.

Ineffective Use of Event Handler

AngularJS makes it a point to carry all data, which you need to display pages to users. This is an extensive procedure, which allows different functions to be written in populated content. This is defined as a tempting tool, meant for coders. Using this event handler is best while adding functionality. But it fails to keep logic and display in a segregated form.

Not Utilizing ControllerAS Fully

There are some cautions on way to expose a controller object. This is defined as an object, placed on controller’s scope. Sometimes, it is optional to watch its function, before watching the property of controller object. For that, you need to be quite consistent with the proficient use of controllerAS.

Fixed Form of Scope Binding

Angular is available with its scope nestle forms. Implementing inputs, which are not to be added to a model, can lead to a common breakdown. Any form of admittance can lead to local changes only.

Unnecessary Use of JQuery

JQuery helps in making DOM manipulations simple. On the other hand, AngularJS is used for creating scalable applications. As it is associated with testing and development of applications, so it jQuery cannot be used in HTML pages augmentation.

Following the Points Well

Remember that AngularJS framework cannot ignore recent memory consumptions. So, you have to be very careful, while working on its recent updates. Some mistakes are common among developers with experience, as well. However, following these points will offer you with promising results. You can start fixing the errors yourself and end up with a brilliant angularjs web application development.

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