Top 10 Home Design Trends for 2014

It is the start of a new year, and that means fresh new ideas for design. Some trends from the past couple of years such as patterned fabrics and shabby chic furniture remain popular. But 2014 will also bring about new trends to inspire and excite. Here are ten of the top home design ideas for 2014 decor.

1. Energy Efficient Water Features

Green remains high on the list of trendy and responsible ways to design in 2014. One way to incorporate design and sustainability is with energy efficient water faucets. In sleek modern styles with many options, these faucets actually work to save homeowners money because of their energy efficiency.

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home design trends for 2014

2. Floating Shelves

In the kitchen, cabinets are out and shelves are in—floating shelves to be exact. Kitchen cabinets can be bulky and consume wall space. Floating shelves add visual design to the kitchen’s interior space while creating an open feeling throughout the room.

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home design trends for 2014

3. Bejeweled Kitchen Tones

The kitchen is a hot area this year, and bejeweled tones prove vogue. Painting the walls, bottom cabinets and floating shelves in jewel tones creates a sophisticated kitchen look. Adding in colored appliances and brightly painted cookware complete this fun chic trend.

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home design trends for 2014

4. Cobalt Blue and Turquoise

Known for its tranquil tones, the color blue is the perfect addition to any home, and it ranks high on the popular color list for this year. Not just for accessories, this color makes a great accent for walls, furniture and even floors.

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home design trends for 2014

5. Urban Downsizing

For many, living in the city and experiencing exciting urban life is more appealing than building a home in the suburbs. In 2014, there will be an influx of urban downsizing into city dwelling apartments in lieu of bigger, spacious suburban homes.

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home design trends for 2014

6. Self-Expression

This year, it’s all about you. Instead of having tired, boring pieces that belong in a catalog, self-expression of personal touches is all the rage. The home should articulate personality and personal character rather than meaningless pieces.

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7. Classic Over Modern

Having a modern space devoid of warmth is out in favor of bringing back classic homey touches. Soft colors and neutral tones top cold contemporary spaces. Throw out the leather and black colors and bring in delicate patterns and textures.

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home design trends for 2014

8. Light Versus Dark

It’s all about the light this year especially when it comes to wood. Look for honey, vanilla-colored woods instead of dark mahogany or cherry wood.

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home design trends for 2014

9. Open Concept

Living in an open space remains highly desirable. When building homes, most contractors employ design features to expand space with the smoothest transitions. The goal is to feel unsure where the rooms begin and end.

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home design trends for 2014

10. Outdoors

Having a beautiful yard is always in style, but having a deck with an outdoor spiral staircase is a new trend. Sleek, classic spiral stairs maintain the integrity of the yard’s elegance while adding convenience to the home with the deck having a staircase straight to the yard.

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home design trends for 2014
If it’s time for a spruce, lose the dated pieces and ring in the New Year with personal expression in all areas of the home.