Top 10 Ingenious Video Marketing Tips for 2016

Over the past years, the trends for digital marketing and lead generation have changed tremendously. Gone are the days where we rely on heavily text content solely.

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Emergence of Video Marketing

Nowadays, the attention span of our readers is being grabbed by visually appealing and animated images like video marketing. Video marketing has skyrocketed and dominated the internet world.

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Most of the viral contents found are in the form of video. This year, we will take our video marketing strategy to the next level to boost our success in digital marketing. Here are the trends and top video marketing tips you can watch out for 2016.

Mobile Video Marketing

Thinking of solely focusing your video marketing strategy on the web only? You might want to rethink your strategy this 2016. The study shows that mobile video views have increased by 400%. Focus more on  optimizing your video not only on desktop users but on mobile viewers too! Mobile Video Marketing are becoming popular as the trends for mobile browsing also rises.

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Micro Video Sharing Sites

With the rising popularity of mobile video marketing is the popularity of micro-video apps like Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, Dubsmash, etc. These micro-video apps shorten your videos in less than 10 seconds, making them feed easily on websites like Twitter and Instagram.

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The users can quickly view and watch your message, increasing the chances of your video to be watched by the audience. And because your video is much lighter in file size, your audience are morel likely to share your videos from their  smartphones.

Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming has been on the rise ever since Facebook and Google introduced this concept. We’ve heard several great success and developments in live video streaming like the Twitch Phenomenon, GoPro’s incorporation with Twitter’s Periscope, there is no doubt that the live video streaming is becoming the new future of video marketing.

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Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual Reality videos let your customers experience your company brand or services at a closer level. Famous companies like Oculus/Facebook, HTC/Valve, and Sony are venturing on virtual reality to provide the audience a great and incredible user-experience.

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Video Advertising

Incorporate ads, clickable links, and signups in your video rather than investing in dedicated YouTube ads. Google’s updated algorithm had started displaying the video ads on Google Search results, and this is a great way for you to promote your brand along with your video.

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Video Marketing Tips

Interactive Videos

The best way to promote engagement with your audience is to let them interact with your brand. Include interactive elements like quizzes, surveys, forms, to promote action to your customer.

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Expert Q and A Videos

You’ve probably done webinars before, and now it is time for you to do Expert Q and A videos. After all, your audience wants new information that they can learn.

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If you are an expert in a particular field, engage in a fun and interactive Q and A. Address the most popular questions and give your audience the answers they need. You can also incorporate live streaming for your Q and A videos.

Video Infographics

We all know that videos and infographics are a great way in curating your content in visually appealing images, but imagine how much more traffic you can generate by combining these two powerful SEO tools? Yes, we are talking about video infographics!

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Video infographics are more user-friendly (both in desktop and mobile) and it creates an interesting amalgamation of videos, images, and texts. Video infographics are in the hype because of its high success rate in driving sales and generating leads.

Social Videos

Did you notice Facebook, Twitter’s autoplay video? Take advantage of these features and engage in social videos! Social videos are more viral than other video marketing videos because they offer social interaction with their users. These social videos are becoming the new universal language in the internet world. Don’t get left behind and start uploading your videos on Social medias too.

Video on Demand

Video on demand is becoming popular nowadays because it let the users gain the ability to select, listen, and watch a particular video, movie, or tv show whenever they want to, rather than watching them at a specific broadcasting time where it may coincide with their schedules. It is estimated that VOD’s market will skyrocket up to $62 billion by 2019.

Unleash your creativity and be innovative with your video marketing strategy. Try these video trends for 2016 and drive more traffic and conversion leads in no time!