Top 3 Most Expensive Homes on Earth

It is a true shame that some of these buildings are branded as homes, when they can easily put a 5 star luxury hotel to shame. These suburban fortresses can, fairly comfortably, compete and defeat any full-fledged hotels or luxury apartments in terms of size and grandeur. The majority of these residential palaces (-occasionally incorrectly referred to as homes) cover thousands of square meters of land, took years to construct, and enjoys unparalleled architectural designs. No wonder then why these amazing properties are extraordinarily high priced. The following article takes a look at some of these renowned residential properties.  Please note that these lists are continuously changing on yearly basis

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1- Antilla – Mumbai, India

This is a home worth more than a billion dollars – how is that for over-the-top extravagance? The Antilla building is a 170 meter tall skyscraper in the centre of Mumbai, which happens to be the home of Mukesh Ambani. It has an appreciated valued of one billion dollars and is currently the most expensive house on Earth. One can start estimating the size and grandeur of this building by the simple fact that its garage can house about 150 cars. In case the garage is parked to the full, visitors can alternatively arrive by helicopters, since the Antilla has 3 helipads of its own. It’s also interesting to note that Lakshmi Mitall, another Indian man on the Forbes Richest list, owns the most expensive house in the United Kingdom.

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antilla india expensive homes

2- Villa La Leopolda – France

Not too long ago, this villa was sold for the gobsmacking price of 750 million dollars (Which makes it arguably the most expensive real-estate deal in history). The deal didn’t turn out too great though, since there is some scuffle taking place between the buyer and seller of this amazing property. Regardless of the end result of the property sale – Villa La Leopolda is certainly worth including in the list of most expensive homes on Earth. The villa is situated in a small French village, and used to be the house of Bill Gates (-which is the founder of Microsoft) at one point. This is nothing, once you realize that it was constructed and inhabited by King Leopold II of Belgium.

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villa-la-leopolda france expensive homes

3- Fleur De Lys – Los Angeles, USA

This enormous property is owned by Suzanne Saperstein, and the house has been on sale for quite a while now. With the shocking selling price of $ 125 million, it may persist on the real-estate market for quite a while longer. Spread over more than 40,000 square feet – Fleur De Lys is known to be the most expensive property in the USA today.

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Fleur De Lys USA expensive homes

We all are permitted to dream – aren’t we? I simply wish people would use their money for things that actually matter. One doesn’t need a billion dollar home in order to be happy, and it’s a true shame that a lot of people still regard the size or value of their house as a personal selling point.

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