Top 3 Things to Consider While Shopping for Cloud Solutions

Using cloud services can bring you many benefits:

  • Better security
  • Better performance
  • More customization features
  • Regular backups
  • Less running costs

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Cloud computing can really do better comparatively when it comes to online storage solution. However, if you decide to bring cloud solutions in your projects, then there are many things that you must take in account in order to make the right choice. In this post we’ll give you the top 3 things to consider while shopping for cloud solutions. With our help, you’ll be able to determine which company’s cloud storage service is the right choice for you and your needs.

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Shopping for Cloud Solutions

It Must be Secure!

Security is the number one thing you should carefully examine while reviewing the offers for cloud hosting services. Depending on your company’s needs and the type of data you are working with, you might want to focus on specific types of cloud solutions. Don’t forget that there are three main types – public, private and hybrid.

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If you work with sensitive data, then you must probably comply with certain regulations, so it would be best to opt for a private or hybrid cloud storage service. At Fort Lauderdale Cloud Solutions, security is the number one factor for which clients prefer to stick to their services. These services usually come with a handy firewall that significantly reduces the risk of becoming a victim of attacks from malicious users. Using a private cloud service gives you complete control over every aspect of your account – you can manually modify every single option. Hybrid cloud services aren’t so bad in terms of security as well, because you can make specific parts private, while keeping others public.

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Public cloud is secured as well, but in our opinion it is better to opt for one of the other types. With public cloud services you’ll have to carefully pick the privacy options of each data type, so you’ll spend many days trying to make your security flawless.

It Must be Customizable!

The biggest public clouds like Amazon, Windows Azure, Google, IBM and Rackspace usually offer a wide range of features that come along with their cloud services. However, you need to carefully check if they offer everything you need.

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Usually, you have the opportunity to tailor the package you are purchasing, but don’t forget that some things aren’t open for negotiations, so you’ll need to carefully analyze each company in order to determine which one best fits yours and your company’s needs. The most reputable companies at the moment will give you access to different subscription options that come with a bigger price and more features, and customization options.

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Private and hybrid clouds are the best in terms of customization, because you can modify every aspect of the infrastructure. However, these clouds are more costly, so if you are looking for a more affordable choice, then you should opt for a public cloud. Keep in mind that public clouds come with certain restrictions, so the more affordable option isn’t always the right choice.

It Must Go with Changing Business Requirements

Your company’s development will certainly force you to adjust the properties of your cloud service. This is where the aspect of business agility comes in – you need to use the services of a company that will give you the opportunity to adjust the properties of your subscription plan at any time.

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Having the ability to quickly scale down or scale up your cloud, to implement new services & products and to have complete control over the cloud’s infrastructure is essential if you want to reduce running costs, while preserving optimal performance.

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When it comes to business agility, there isn’t a cloud option that is better than the others – public, private and hybrid services have their advantages, so it all depends on the company you choose. Make sure that you’ll have the opportunity to focus all of the cloud’s services on specific aspects of your company, because this way you’ll be able to make quick changes and stay on top of your competitors.

Cloud services with better business agility give you many new options. The best way to decide what type of service you need is to ask yourself several questions:

  • Which aspects of my cloud do I want to be able to quickly modify?
  • Do I need any processes, features or services completely automated
  • How much flexibility do I actually need?