Top 4 Web Design Tips for Attractive and Easily Accessible Website

A website should be attractive, easy to use, and easily accessible, so that it will convince the visitor to surf through that particular website. Therefore, it is the goal of the web designer to create such a website that will attract the attention of the visitors. In order to create a good website, there a few important things required, such as good graphic design, good web copy, local site layout and intuitive site navigation. Some suggestions and web design tips can help a designer achieve the desired goals.

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Add Knowledgeable Information and Browser Compatibility

The website content plays a significant role in increasing the credibility of the website. It is necessary that you should add knowledgeable content and information of the reputable business or source. People visit websites to find correct and authentic information whether it is about the company, products or services, otherwise they will go to your competitor. Your website design should work properly for all the internet browsers that are widely used because most of the people will not install or update their browser to visit your website. It may not allow you to add special effects to your website because many browsers do not support them.

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Optimize Your Graphics, Photos and Frames

You should always optimize your website for graphics, photos and frames since visitors will not stay on a webpage if they have to wait for a longer time period to load it. The pictures and graphical files should be minimized to a smaller size in a way that their picture quality is not sacrificed. Some people have turned off the graphics and some may be using handheld devices, so in order to give the idea of the picture to all such visitors, you should use ALT HTML tag. It gets difficult to bookmark a webpage if frames are included in it. Therefore, you should avoid using frames if you want visitors to bookmark your webpage and return again.

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Select Readable Colors and Streaming Multimedia

The default settings of the browser determine the links of color other than white on their own if they are not specified that can make them unreadable. So, it is necessary that you should specify the link colors if you are using any color other than white in the background. If you want to include multimedia on your website, such as audio clips, flash movies, background music, or video clips, then you should always use streaming media because slow devices or connections will not support multimedia and streaming media will reduce the download time.

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Simple Navigation and Valid Links

Each part of your website should be easily accessible within three clicks since users do not waste much of their time to find the information. Therefore, a web designer should keep in mind to make the site navigation intuitive and simple. Also, it is important to check all the links periodically on your website for their validity because broken links will chase off a visitor. Hence, a good web design requires good planning and common sense.

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