Top 5 Kitchen Colour Schemes

Selecting new themes and colour schemes for your kitchen can be overwhelming.  With so many paint chips and splashbacks to choose from, where do you start?  If you choose neutral tones for the cabinets, floors and countertops, you can bring in the colour on the walls, splashbacks and lighting.  Here are my top 5 colour palettes you can consider on your next kitchen makeover.

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Orange and Lime

Have a zest for life?  Why not bring it into your kitchen with citrus hues including tangerine and lime?  This colour palette adds a punch to any kitchen, which has rich dark brown wood undertones.  Consider painting your window treatments orange and the base of your island, walls and shelves green. To keep a traditional tone, try using hints of cream above your window treatment or ceiling.

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Turquoise and Brown

A chocolate brown paired with a turquoise creates a modern day feel in your kitchen.  Why not throw in a few bright or neutral white or ivory accents like seat covers, cushions or appliances.  Wickes glass splashbacks for kitchens are the ideal fitting to complete this kitchen.  I’d recommend the shades bride or even cappuccino to create a subtle accent.  Dark chocolate cabinetry with chrome handles would also add a contemporary accent.

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Cranberry and Silver Gray

If you enjoy entertaining in your kitchen, consider a palette that will trigger your guests’ appetite.  Create a sense of temptation with cranberry red, silver, Irish tones, candied apple and dark cherry.  While the shades of red might be harsh on the walls, you can use them on cabinets and seating, and keep the walls neutral with shades of iced greys.

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Midnight Plum

An unexpected combination of magenta or a dark midnight plum with hints of green can be rather captivating.  Black galaxy granite countertops or frosted glass cabinetry pair well with this colourful combination.  If you want to lighten it up, go with gray tones for foundation pieces instead, and perhaps white cabinetry for a contemporary look.

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Another palette using midnight plum and purple tones would include pairings with a mustard orange or yellow.  You can dress the windows or use a colourful splashback to add warmth to your kitchen.  Tile or blue mosaic splashbacks will add a Mediterranean touch.

Yellow, White and Gold

Whether you prefer brighter yellow tones or muted ones, shades of yellow are flexible and pair well with w     hite, gray, sandand even black.  Here’s where you play around with printed splashbacks with floral or contemporary designs since they have the chance to stand out against the yellow backdrop.

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Gold yellow tones go well with rust tones for traditional kitchens.  This way you can use darker cabinetry, suspended lighting and bronze or copper hardware for a luxury look.

About the author: Amna Alam is a London-based freelance writer who enjoys interior design and home décor.