Top 5 Tips to Design a Website for Charity

Charity is a good deed and the fortunate people all over the globe are making efforts to help out the desolate people living in conditions that are less than average. They need all the help they can get to live a life that can be called human. The internet is a global platform and efforts are being directed towards making this planet a better place to live. There are many organisations that are coming up with their own charity website for this sole purpose. The major aim of this website is not attracting visitors to make a profit. They wish to get more traffic solely for the purpose of changing the lives of millions of people who are far less fortunate than the others. The major objective of a charity website is to garner traffic and encourage the visitors to donate money for the benefit of these less fortunate ones. Therefore, it goes without saying that there will be a stark contrast between a usual commercial website and a website that has been specifically designed for charity, explains the Best SEO Experts in India.

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1. Your Charity Website Must Have a Mission

This is extremely important. You need to let the users or visitors know what the charity is all about. People may not really pay heed to the website if it fails to explain clearly and precisely what the charity does. Besides, they may even question the credibility which will cause more harm than good. You could add a small tagline that explains the charity website aptly. This should also be the mission for the website. Your organisation may be selling handmade materials like cards, scarves, baskets and the likes and these details should be clearly mentioned to avoid ambiguity.

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2. Let the Sponsors Know Where the Funds are Going

This is very important. Simply asking your visitors to donate money may raise several questions in their minds. The best way to put these niggling questions to rest is by simply answering them. Let them know precisely what your organisation aims at doing and how the contribution of the visitors will help make a difference in people’s lives.

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3. Design a Page for Photographs of Less Fortunate Ones

A user or a visitor of the charity website may need to have a clear picture of the kind of people that they will be helping. This helps to raise the credibility factor since there are several scam organisations that dupe people of money in the name of charity. However, if you post photographs of your organisation helping these people, it will make the charity website believable suggests the experts.

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4. Have a Clear and Visible Donate Button

The donate button can be considered as an asset for your charity website as it is this button that led to the creation of the charity website in the first place. Therefore, the button should be located in an area on the website that is visible. Besides being visible, it should also be large enough. Placing this crucial button in some hidden corner of the website will drive the visitors mad and they may eventually leave the website.

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5. Have a Section to Display the Donations So Far

This is another factor that can raise the credibility of the website. When your organisation is working for a charity, it is always good to let the visitors know about the amount that you have managed to raise so far. The people who have donated to the cause may find relief in finding out that they played an important role while the future sponsors may get inspired to do their bit for the less fortunate.

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Tracey Woods works for charity and supports several causes. She is a media professional and has worked with the Best SEO Expert in India. She is a freelance writer and loves to write on topics pertaining to website designing. She is also a professional ballet dancer.