Top Design Projects on Kickstarter

More creative people are turning their dreams into reality online. Thanks to crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, those with no sufficient budget to pursue their dream projects are able to do so through the support of people who believe in their work.

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Among the creative and innovative projects that are growing in popularity these days pertain to design. These cover culture, sports, music, books and useful household items. Interested supporters can even buy Kickstarter products of their choice that are normally offered at low introductory prices.

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Coolest Cooler

Among household items, the coolest cooler is tops on Kickstarter. This product not only serves as a high-tech cooler but also as a blender, waterproof bluetooth DJ speaker system and USB recharge station. Within its category, this is the most-funded project that generated more than $10,300.

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Ryan Grepper is the brains behind this coolest cooler which also has a LED light, cutting board and bottle opener. He first presented the item on Kickstarter in 2013 but failed to reach the funding goal. This year, Grepper introduced the product again in the same platform during summer time and is already close to his funding goal.

Odd Collective Bedding

You may have heard about digitally printed shirts, mugs and plates. But this group called The Club of Odd Volumes based in Melbourne, Australia thought of creating patterned bedding showcasing digitally printed designs.

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The designs for bedsheets, blankets and pillows go beyond the usual stripes and polka dots as they also feature photos and even unique artwork. The bedding sets are made from 100 percent cotton with 300 thread count.

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This project’s target goal was AUD$35,000 which the group successfully reached.

Reaper Miniatures CAV

The CAV: Strike Operations project features the CAV Universe’s latest and top quality plastic miniature figures. Expected to be mass produced by 2015, the project has already surpassed its funding goal of $20,000 with still more than three weeks to go until the end of the funding period. Currently, it has already gained more than $63,000.

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Earlier, the same group behind these CAV miniatures also produced the Bones line of plastic fantasy figures via Kickstarter. The Bones are considered the best top quality plastic gaming models ever to be introduced in the gaming industry.

CorkNet Table Tennis Net

This is a revolutionary product that will let fans of table tennis play their favorite game on any kitchen table. Made from cork, the CorkNet is the brainchild of Julian Bond from London, U.K.

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Measuring 80 cm long and 15.25 cm in height (the standard height set by the International Table Tennis Federation), the product comes in two pieces that should be placed together side by side in a standing position to create a table tennis net. Alternatively, it can be used as a mat for hot kitchen pots and pans.