Top Design Trends Expected in 2016

Web designers are some of the leading influencers when it comes to corporate images on the internet and in many cases in businesses so they can maintain a sense of uniformity. As a web designer, you need to stay on your tippy toes and be able to adapt to changes much sooner than most career fields. Your skill as a web designer will determine the quality reviews you receive and the amount of clients you gain. The better you can adapt your trends, the better chance you will have of landing top notch projects. 2015 already transformed the way web designers went about their designs by simplifying websites so they can run at a fast loading speed on even the simplest of connection devices such as smartphones. For 2016, we can expect a lot more improvements in the overall functionality and simplicity of websites while the designers will battle their way to a cleaner and better looking site.

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web design trends in 2016

Simpler Navigation

Navigation bars are a headache for most web designers because they need to look fantastic on computers and still provide great functionality to tab and Smartphone users. In 2016 you can expect a lot of experimentation with navigation bars in an attempt to not only make websites more functional, but also encourage users to concentrate more on the site on hand so they can find the navigation system and so they can see more instead of just browsing around like everyone have grown accustomed to do. Many web designers will opt for different menus such as hamburger icon menu’s or pop up’s that will follow your guidance.

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Page Experimentation

The traditional method of designing involves creating pages, but in 2016, you can expect a bit more experimenting in this field. The idea is to alter the sites for a modern vibe by creating a new search function and navigation layout. Instead of simple pages, you could even expect mini pages scattered about the main page and perhaps some fun and helpful articles that pops up with a click. Card layouts, much like the system that Pinterest use, are also expected to become tremendously popular.

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Simpler Designs

Where you would expect more elaborate and intriguing designs for the future, the 2016 trends seem to be flattening and toning down a bit. Everyone is already overloaded with information due to the fact that they have instant access to millions of sites. The websites are likely to be a lot simpler and flatter in design so companies can highlight certain aspects of their pages or specials a lot easier. The flatter design includes logos, icons, images and other elements that have become way too 3D in the last few years.
A more personal photography usage.

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Future websites will make away with the overuse of stock images and opt for a more personal touch by using their own photography. Using their own photography will help users get a better feel for the companies and will gain their trust in these firms. You can expect to see real faces of real employees on the sites and a lot more information on the personal location and elements of each company.

Customized Feel

The websites will get a more customized feel which means designers will have to dig a little deeper when they select their icons and make use of a lot more graphic skills to create a more unique site for each of the companies that they are designing for. By creating a more customized website, readers will get more acquainted with the companies and the site will be of greater use for brand recognition.

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Customized Assistance Videos

A lot of companies are already using custom videos to help assist users. The purpose of these videos is mostly to explain how products and services work by demonstrating the product or service online. Videos are much easier for readers to follow because most people are visually stimulated and struggle to understand certain products from reading.

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Live Product Reviews

Reviews are something most customers have become to trust because they are mostly written by people who actually tested these products. Live product reviews will give clients a better idea of the functionality of products so they will know if the product is suitable for them or not.

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Full-screen Forms and Inputs

The mini pop up screens that designers use for registrations, logins and contact messages might just be a thing of the past. Designers are going to transform these mini popups into fully elaborated pages that greatly captures the attention of readers for a more welcoming effect. By using a full input or form screen the company is able to supply the user with a lot more information and focus their attention on the task at hand and so the user can enter his or her information much easier on touch screen devices.

Clever Animations

By using a flatter design, designers can help certain information and content stand out more by using animations to help guide the user’s attention to these parts of the site. The animations will be used richly in these modern sites, but will be subtle and simple in design so the site will not seem too busy or animated. Some of the major animations that are to be expected for sites are:

  • Using the company logo for a loading icon so the client will know that something is happening and so the company will enjoy a much greater brand recognition capability
  • Animations for highlighting specials on certain products
  • Animations to draw the reader’s focus toward new products or information
  • Easier access to helpful information by guiding readers towards help information

Downloadable Apps

Apps are becoming more and more popular amongst companies. The main reason apps work so great is because users can scan and save or follow the things they are interested in much easier. Those who downloaded a company’s app are also much more likely to use the services or products of the company again because they already enjoyed fantastic functionality from these apps. Many more companies will be supplying their clients with these apps and make them available on their WebPages.