Top Garden Design Trends 2014

If you an avid gardener, you will no doubt be aware that each year we see a number of different trends take hold in a bid to make our garden more and more aesthetically pleasing. Well guess what, this year is no different. So here we take a look at the up and coming trends for 2014.

Eco Conscious Gardening

In a bid to reduce our impact on the environment, many people are turning to more organic methods of tending their garden. For example, choosing horse manure to fertilize the soil is now back in vogue rather than using a synthetic fertilizer that can be harmful to the environment. It is becoming a part of modern Eco-friendly life style today.

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Buying From Local Suppliers

Rather than opting to purchase from main stream suppliers such as large DIY superstores and garden centres, there has been a significant shift toward buying from smaller local suppliers who can offer a more personal touch. In addition to this, the quality of the plants and shrubs that are found in these types of places is often far superior and therefore offer much better value for money.

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Finally, with this switch towards local producers, there will be a shift toward native plants that grow in the natural surroundings of where you live.

The Reinvention of Water Features

Back in the 80`s, having a small garden pond was in fashion. However, when people realised they needed regular clearing and any neglect resulted in sludgy brown water that offered no enjoyment whatsoever, the majority were filled in. Well guess what? They are back for this year only in a slightly different way.

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With modern manufacturing techniques allowing for more reliable and cheaper pumps, this year will see an increase in the amount of people who simply want to hear water flowing. For this reason, small water container fitted with a pump system can be used to mimic the sound of flowing water thus creating a relaxing and tranquil backdrop to the already magnificent view of the garden.

Grow Your Own

With the rise in inflation making it harder and harder for the average homeowner to keep up with the cost of living, growing your own fruit and vegetables within the confines of your own garden will no doubt prove popular this year.

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Adding Structure

The addition of a wooden garden structure saw an increase in demand last year and the trend is set to stay. Adding height and interest, products such as a gazebos, pergolas or arched walkways will not only add interest to the space and provide a great backdrop for a range of garden planting, but the can also transform any dull and boring space into an area that is perfect for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

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Adding a Visually Pleasing Backdrop to the Flower Beds

In order to maintain privacy and security within the garden it is important that some form of fence is in place. As such, with more and more designs coming onto the market in a range of modern and styles, it is now possible to tailor the look of the boundary to your exact requirements and as such are set to take off this year.

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Aesthetically Pleasing Security Solutions

Whilst it is all good and well creating a tranquil outdoor space, unless it is properly secured it is vulnerable to theft, vandalism and trespassers. With this in mind, the addition of new gates to the side and the rear of the property are set to see an increase in sales as the tough economic climate continues to bite.

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Available in a variety of wooden and metal designs, the addition of a gate such as these ( ) will not only add to the security levels you can enjoy but will also add to the overall design so be sure to factor this in when making your purchasing decision.

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In conclusion, whilst your garden will probably not be suitable for all of the above up and coming trends, you will no doubt have space for at least a couple of them. So don’t delay, start planning your garden improvements now so that when the spring and summer time finally comes, you will be able to sit back and bask in the glory of your hard work.