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Creating a free professional looking website is easy today and for this you just have to use a website builder. Create a group, business or personal site online for free and get access to the outside world. The features and options that they provide make the task easier and even a non-technical guy can create a site within no time.  Some of the features offered are:

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  • Customized options allow you to edit the headings, logos, banners and buttons the way you like.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Photo editing tools help you to crop, scale, enhance, rotate, and to add effects to the picture you upload.
  • In built library contains more than 1000 graphic files, photos, animations and clipart which you can use while designing the web page
  • Social media integration option post your website updates automatically.
  • Website statistics feature will be easy for the user to analyze the website and track the number of visitors to your page.
  • Other features are SEO options to add third party gadgets, and 24 hours online support.

In this era, it is vital for everyone to prove their online presence and it is one of the best methods to promote your business ideas. Website builder offers hundreds of options to build one. For that you need not invest large sums of money in it, some offer it for free and others charge reasonably based on the design you choose.

Top Rated Website Builders

Many of them offer this facility for free and use it to build a web page of your imagination.  Some of the top rated website builders of 2013 are:

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This is a very popular online website builder which offers easiest tools to create web pages in minutes. They offer various modules for creating blogs, forums and websites. You could create online forms in a jiffy and heave them fully functional. They offer a free version but it comes with a few ads. It however is a best way to get a hang of this tool. Definitely a useful tool that is recommended for small and mid sized businesses.

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Webs, is quite popular for creating professional website and also offers powerful tools to enhance your design. They offer free and paid version service such as starter, enhanced and pro. 30-days money back guarantee option is available for premium packages. More than 40 million users are benefited by Webs.  Some of the extensive features of this builder are that more than 300 professional-looking and customizable templates are available.

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They regularly revamp their web application, which makes the user to access the latest trend easily.  Just with a click add or modify the web page, which will be convenient for people with no technical skills. It is the best option for people who prefer mobile site.



Wix is the best place for people, who want to create a site using HTML5 capabilities. Apart from this, they offer tons of features and widgets for free.  Some of their distinguished features are:

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  • Drag and drop option
  • More than 100’s of customizable templates
  • The option to share your thoughts on social media
  • Add several amazing apps into the site with a click

Different pricing options are available depending upon the purpose of the user (basic, combo and e-commerce) the rate and usage limit differ.


Weebly is a California based firm with over 12 million users from around the world. This site builder helps to create a website based on the preference of the user for free.  Templates are generally categorized on the following themes such as wedding, classroom, portfolio and business. Easy blogging, powerful image editor, free domain hosting, traffic stats, e-commerce option, automatic mobile sites and SEO option makes Weebly popular among people.

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DevHub offers lots of integrated features and hassle free editing tools for their customers. It is suitable for small businesses. By setting up a website with DevHub, you are free to access money making option, which helps to generate money. Import and export option helps to share the data from one platform to another.



If you are new to this domain then there are 100’s of ways to build a website based on your needs using a hassle-free method. Other companies which offer valuable services are WordPresss, BlogSpot, Google, Doodlekit and uCoz. Out of these uCoz offers unbelievable services to the users at an affordable price, and the company constantly updates their tools and features based on the latest technology.

Alexsey has written this article. Among all the website builders that are available today, I would personally recommend uCoz.  You can learn more about it by visiting