Top 10 Templates Develop a Startup Business

This is, probably, the most open-ended question ever. Any person starting a new business should put some thought into it. There are infinite ways to start a business and explaining them all would be impossible. So we are just going to focus on one that have worked for many entrepreneurs and provide you with top ready-made designs from to help you create your online presentation quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Let’s imagine that you are going to sell online training/courses.

Here’s what you need to do to start selling your product:

1. Choose a profitable niche. You need to find a profitable niche to build your blog first. You will see the examples of quality appealing templates right under this text, they will considerably simplify this job for you.

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2. Build a blog with a platform you prefer, it may be WordPress and Bluehost, for instance. Go to Bluehost, find a domain name, choose your plan and set up your blog with WordPress. This should take a few minutes.

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3. Use ConvertKit to start building an email list. Building an email list is a key point in this process. Growing a highly engaged email list is one of the best ways to sell your products and services online. To build your email list, you will need an email service provider like ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or Aweber for example. Since building an email list is so important, the following steps (4 to 9) will show you 6 ways to grow your email list rapidly.

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4. Optimize your blog to convert visitors into subscribers. Use your blog to collect email addresses. Add optin-boxes to your site, pop ups, and so on. You can do that easily with Sumome.

5. Write 5 high quality blog posts with content upgrades. Share some epic content on your blog. Don’t hesitate to give away your most valuable tips and advice to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Use these amazing pieces of content to grow your email list by creating and adding content upgrades to them.

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6. Drive traffic to your site with Pinterest. Pinterest is an incredible way to drive traffic. It’s possible to get 10,000 visitors/month from Pinterest and attract 15 – 20 email subscribers/day just with Pinterest in 2 months. If you want to get the same results, create a free Pinterest business account, set up 10 boards, create 10 pins to share your blog posts, join group boards and automatically share your pins with Boardbooster.

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7. Drive traffic to your site with StumbleUpon ads. If you added content upgrades to your posts, you should get between 3–10% conversion rate, which means that if you pay StumbleUpon to send traffic to your blog post, you will get 3–10 subscribers for every 100 visitors. That’s a great way to build your email list.

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8. Grow your email list with other bloggers’ newsletter. Build relationship with other bloggers and ask them to promote your newsletter in their newsletter. Basically ask them to convince their subscribers to join your newsletter. To get bloggers to do that for you, you can either offer them to do the same thing for them or pay them (you basically sponsor their newsletter).

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9. Run a contest and promote it with Facebook ads. Running a contest is powerful way to explode your email list especially if you promote it via Facebook ads. Running a contest you may spend $100 on Facebook ads and attract more than 1,000 subscribers in 14 days. With a $5,000 budget you should be able to get much more subscribers than that.

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10. Send a survey to your email subscribers. Step 4 to 9 were all about building your email list (aim for at least 5,000 email subscribers). Now you need to figure out what your email subscribers want. The best way is to send them a survey using Google Forms. You want to know who they are, what they need, what they want so you can then cater to their needs.

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11. Create a product/service/program that your subscribers want. Now that you know your subscribers better, you can create the product/service/program/software they actually want.

12. Launch your product. When your product is ready and that you’ve set up your shopping card with Clickank or Gumroad, for example, you need to create an email campaign to sell your product.

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13. Make money. Depending on the size of your email list, your subscribers’ engagement, your landing page and your email campaign, you should be able to make anywhere between $10,000 to $200,000 with these 13 steps.
Top 10 website templates to build your online presentation with:

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

You can feature the most beautiful and the most exotic destinations in a slider. Website slider is a great thing in terms of presenting important information. There you can place up to 10 custom slides with promos, new products, or any other things you need to highlight. Slider is a perfect attention grabber for your site. It has a number of customization options.

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Trucky – Transportation & Logistics Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme for transportation and logistics companies was built with Power TemplateMonster’s drag-and-drop page builder. Build pages easily without touching a single line of code with their flexible Power builder. Take advantage of more than 25+ modules, library of presets, and drag-and-drop functionality. With an advanced set of configuration options you can easily customize the design of your theme. Power gives you full control over your theme.

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Gifts Shop WooCommerce Theme

Your gifts shop will quickly adapt to any gadget with any screen size the user has in hand right now. Text and images are flexible as well, so they will be rendered correctly. This will boost your conversion as your visitors will not be restricted by any limits in terms of their location or device.

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Electronic Store OpenCart Template

This clean design suits modern electronics stores. It comes packed with Google fonts that assure your site won’t be the same boring style as every other page on the web, with everything displayed as ‘Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif’ or ‘Times New Roman’. Having a decent library of fonts that are easy to implement Google gives a chance to create a unique look for your site.

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Cellular Repair Center WordPress Theme

The theme is great for digital appliances repair companies. It offers you multiple layout options to choose from. Choose from a large set of layout options and experiment with your pages structure. Speed up your building process by saving your favourite layouts in a built-in library, and use them whenever you need to create a new page.

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Oyster – Fullscreen Photo and Video Website Template

This theme for photo and video websites has a fullscreen design. Fullscreen is the most important part of the design for a photographer. It makes your artwork presentation really eye-catching and impressive. Use this theme to create a stunning portfolio.

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Woostroid – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Make your e-store faster, better and user-friendlier with a wide range of Woostroid unique features. This theme was created for online sales. It is a universal solution for e-stores in any business niche. It supports both WooCommerce and Ecwid plugins. Theme developers support agents are available 24/7 via email and chat. You will get free updates for as long as the theme gets new features.

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Inspirational PowerPoint Template

Inspirational PowerPoint Template will help you develop a clean, simple and modern presentation very quickly. Every little thing is fully editable and easy to change. This presentation is based on master slides, so it will be super easy to add your images by dragging & dropping. You will get dark and bright versions with this package. Presentation includes elegant transition animations as well.

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Tax Advisor & Financial Consultant Website Template

This is a multipurpose HTML template for tax advisor and financial consultant websites. It offers the owners a rich UI kit. The theme is equipped by Novi Builder. It comes with 35 readymade HTML5 pages, 5 blog layouts, multiple gallery types, and quite a number of other features.

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Elbrus – Business & Marketing Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Using this theme you can create a website of any subject without difficulty. A huge number of different versions of the page, and the presence of the most popular in the world editor will help you with this. The theme is equipped with Visual Composer page builder plugin for WordPress – take full control over your site. Build any layout you can imagine with intuitive drag and drop builder – no programming knowledge required.

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We hope now it has become clearer for you how to develop your startup business. If you have any questions/additions/advice/experience to share, please don’t be shy to do this at the comments section.
Thanks for reading this blog post and good luck with your startup!