Top Ten Suits Worn by Celebrities in 2012


Celebrities always have the spotlight on them but you can’t deny that when they really want to look good, they can. Of course the best looking male celebrities are those that go out with a bang, wearing high-end tailored suits that you just can’t get off the rack. To give you a good idea of what kind of ones you’ll want to imitate and show to your tailor, here is a look at the top ten tailored ones worn by celebrities this 2012.

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10 – Brad Pitt’s Old English
Brad Pitt has had some good days and a lot of bad days in fashion but all throughout 2012 he’s sported one look that really shone. Sporting a bowtie over a low, wide-open lapel waistcoat and a knee-length coat, he was one of the best dressed men of the year.

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9 – Joseph Gordon-Levitt 1930’s-Inspired
JGL already hit it high with his performances in 50/50, Looper, Inception, and The Dark Knight Rises but his most popular look was one that pervaded through all of his performances: a suit that draws inspiration from the 1930’s “gangster Chicago”. All he needed to complete his look was a grey fedora hat.

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8 – Andrew Garfield and His Hipster Approach
Andrew Garfield took tailored ones to a whole new level. Instead of having a bespoke suit designed to cater to the usual solid one-color look he turned the tables completely around. He was caught wearing a flannel-looking coat that topped a single layer solid-grey wool vest and necktie.

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7 – George Clooney in Everything He Ever Wears
George Clooney is the epitome of tailored ones. Everything he ever wears is tailored to be crisp, formal, and dashing. His latest ones throughout 2012 threw away the usual “dark coat and white dress shirt” and instead replaced it with a “dark blue coat with even darker blue or black dress shirt”. It sometimes make Clooney seem to shine and glitter.

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6 – Ryan Gosling’s Double-Breasted Look
Ryan Gosling is one of the best looking men of 2012. One could attribute it to his current style used in his upcoming movie The Gangster Squad. His most common suit this year is a dark double-breasted suit sporting black pinstripes over dark grey.

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5 – Robert Pattinson and Gucci
Rober Pattinson and Gucci seem to be married to each other. Whenever the celebrity goes out he’s always ready for the red carpet, wearing specifically tailored formal ones. Most of his ones are of a shade of grey and blue.
4 – Red Velvet Suit Worn by Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford’s red velvet suit from D&G is menacing and heart-warming all at the same time. Inside is a solid white dress shirt that does away with the traditional collar and harkens back to old formal undershirts used in the Victorian era.

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3 – David Beckham Sports Austin Reed
David Beckham is known for choosing only the very best and lately he’s been endorsing tailored clothes from Austin Reed, specifically those promoting the Suit Swap campaign they launched in the first half of 2012.

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2 – Johnny Depp and Ralph Lauren
Johnny Depp is always one of the most extreme celebrities in Hollywood. These days he tends to wear solid black suits and waistcoats from Ralph Lauren. To complete his look, the Pirates of the Caribbean star adorns his outfit with a pocket watch and several necklaces.

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1 – Daniel Craig is James Bond
The James Bond look has and always will be the best suit of any year and the same can be said for 2012. The modern James Bond look that Daniel Craig has recently sported consists of wide lapel tailored suits coming from Armani, Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, and Brioni.

I am a fan of high quality bespoke suits and enjoy watching which ones celebrities are wearing.